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ColdPillow Thu 08-Oct-20 13:50:27

Hi all,

I’m new to MN and I’m posting here for some reassurance or advice. Sorry for the long post! My DS is 10 months old and has just had his development check. It was highlighted (as I’d suspected) that he is a bit behind in terms of communication and i had a quick google search (🤦🏽‍♀️) and have worried myself a bit!

Basically, DS is a mover- he is crawling, pulling up, cruising and into everything. Constantly pulling things off shelves and emptying cupboards etc. Isn’t too interested in toys as there is usually something else he can be doing. He is very smiley and loves peekaboo and tickles etc, both of which make him cackle! He loves his food, feeds himself and sleeps well.

However, when he’s being active during the day, he is fairly quiet and intent on what he’s doing. Doesn’t really “chat” unless there’s something that excited him and then he sort of squeals, says “eeeee” “oooo” or grunts. Very occasionally, usually when having nappy changed, he’ll say “deeeee” and “nnnnn”. He has pretty good eye contact with smiling and seems to be sociable, although less so now he is moving and there are other things to do and can sometimes avoid looking at me if there’s something else to see.

He also doesn’t clap or wave, despite daily attempts for over a Month to encourage it! He sort of looks at me like I’m mad and moves on. He occasionally bangs toys on the floor or against another one bit mostly lifts them and tosses them aside. He doesn’t really engage in nursery rhymes or songs like pat-a-cake etc. Prefers to be moving. Sometimes he squeals and holds a toy or food in the air as though he is showing it. I do lots of encouraging and praise to try and keep this going. We also try to read to him every day and he’s starting to get the hang of lift the flap Books but doesn’t always want to sit still.

All-in-all, he’s really content and I wasn’t worried until I did the dreaded google. Just worried about his lack of noise / babble and not clapping etc. and his occasional lack of eye contact. And experience or advice would be much appreciated!

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Natalie654321 Thu 08-Oct-20 21:14:06

I was really worried about my daughter at around 12 months. She didn't clap, wave, point or stand by herself.
Fast forward 3 months and she now does all of the above as well as walks.
She has also started to say more words over the past fortnight.
I know it's hard, but try not to worry. They all get there in their own time, and your little one sounds like he is doing really well!!
Try and enjoy the time rather than worrying about every milestone (even though I know that it can be really hard!)

Rubyroost Fri 09-Oct-20 01:12:28

So why have they highlighted he is behind. It sounds relatively normal. How can a 10 month old chat if he doesn't have words. If he's babbling and googling, maintaining eye contact etc isn't this enough? Mine wasn't waving or clapping at 10 months either.
I'm no expert and I guess there's a reason why they've highlighted an issue. But from reading this it sounds normal to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Rubyroost Fri 09-Oct-20 01:13:33

Sorry, I would t expect a 10mmonth old to Google, I meant. Giggling. 😂

LilaWolken Fri 09-Oct-20 22:52:22

Has your son had a hearing test? How's his name response and understanding of your speech in general? Follow up with your HV and ask for a referral to audiology. The waiting times are long, if he develops during this time then you can just cancel any appointments but I'd say it's better to be in the system sooner rather than later.

I was in exactly the same position 5 months ago and was encouraged to do some 'watchful waiting' and it's now emerging that the speech delay is due to hearing loss. There has been no development at all during this time and as my son's communication needs are becoming more complex I can feel his frustration growing. I wished I would have followed my initial instinct of pushing to investigate sooner as now it's like we're playing catch up and it's becoming more difficult to manage his behaviour as we can't communicate.

Hearing loss and ASD present very similarly on the screening questionnaires at this stage but don't let anecdotes of Einstein not talking until 5 or 'they all develop differently' make you doubt yourself. Many people tried to politely reassure me that my son would 'develop at his own pace' but that's not been the case.

Mommyx3 Fri 09-Oct-20 22:59:42

I agree sounds totally normal to me but with DD2, the PHN made a comment about her lack of interaction and eye contact at her appointment too so I know your worry only too well. I drove myself insane with worry thinking she was autistic.

She sounds very similar to your DS. Although she didn’t crawl until 11 months or pull up until 10 months or cruise until 14 months. She very much liked to be left to it and get on with things herself. She would smile and interact occasionally, but only if she felt like it. She didn’t wave or clap until about 12 months or just after and in fact DD1 didn’t wave until she was about 16 months but could say bye yet the PHN still had me worried about her not waving and brought me back twice to check if she was waving which was madness as she was able to say bye.

My first DD was such a different baby by 6 months she was saying mama and dada and in the back of my mind this already bugged me that by 9 months DD2 wasn’t even attempting to say any wursts, not crawling, or pulling up. She was making noises but not chatting/babbling and then the PHNs comment floored me.

Fast forward, a week before her first birthday she said dada and mama and within a month of turning one had 15 words. She still remained relatively quiet until 18 months and now she’s 21 months old and speaking full sentences and singing nursery rhymes etc but this is always on her terms so it’s just her personality. She’s quiet and more independent.

Try not to stress too much, some PHNs are notorious for this and getting people worked up unnecessarily. A lot of it is down to personality.

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