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kleew1 Wed 30-Sep-20 15:34:22

Im sure this is all very normal but i am completely exasperated. My 3 year old is mummy daft which is lovely but she wont let her dad do anything.

For example, put her in the bath, put her to bed, make her dinner, give her a cuddle, get up with her in the morning - ANYTHING. Ill be WFH and she'll be climbing all over me not wanting her dad.

She also wants carried everywhere claiming sore toes as someone scratched them or sore knees. None of this is true as she runs pretty fast when she wants to!

Even going to bed she says she wants me to stay with her forever and ever. Its always a fight. For example, i went to a gym class this morning 6-7 and she woke up at 6.45. By 7.01 i had a missed call and text to call and when i did i had crying and that she just wants mummy back. A few weeks ago i had to come home from a night out as she wouldn't settle.

I have tried the tough it out but she is very strong willed and i dont have it in me. Im not blaming DP at all and with her reactions to him he is doing all he can.

Any tips other than 'you're the boss' as that doesnt seem to work very well. Or just general 'it gets better they are little pains in the arse but that's why we love them anecdotes'

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Jannt86 Wed 30-Sep-20 19:02:17

I wouldn't exactly say 'you're the boss' but I think you've gotta be realistic about what you as one person can manage before you go literally crazy. Politely ask your husband as the second parent not to call you and add to the guilt tripping when you're just trying to get some me time. I would set a rule that you alternate putting her to bed. This is what we have always done with my dd and when she occasionally whines for me we ignore it. I'm very attachment focussed as a parent but your daughter knows deep down that she is safe with either of you she's just learned that you'll come when she makes enough fuss and there's a fine line with that. There's going to be tantrums galore but I think dad is just going to have to take the hit and give her lots of cuddles and reassurance but not resort to handing her back to you or you might end up with longer than you can take of this xx

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