DS won't go to the toilet at nursery

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MumOfAToddler26 Tue 29-Sep-20 19:24:06

DS is 3.5 and currently doing a couple of mornings (3.5 hours) a week and won't go to the toilet at nursery.
It's not a big deal as he is only there for a few hours so he goes as soon as we get home. But after Christmas he will be doing a full day so he will have to go.
When I said to him about it he gets upset saying he just wants to wait until he gets home to go for a wee, and I said why? He said because I don't want anyone seeing my Willy 😂
Is this a common thing and has anyone had any ways to over come this?
I said well just go to the toilet and ask the ladies to turn around while you do a wee, the thing is he can pull his pants and trousers down himself and go for a wee on his own but struggles to comfortably pull them back up again so would need help making sure they were pulled up properly.

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simonisnotme Mon 05-Oct-20 20:42:03

by january he may be able to sort himself out anyway
but talk to the staff at the nursery and explain that he may need help with his pants/trousers after, but he wants to go for a wee on his own we always are about when our nursery kids have a wee, and always ask and respect their decision if they do/dont need a bit of help

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