Anyone else have a 8 month old that poos 8 times a day!?

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MichelleOR84 Sat 03-Oct-20 18:21:23

My baby use to poo a ton ! Usually 4-5 times a day but sometimes more ! He’s 19 months now and still goes for 1-3 💩 a day !

Jaim23 Thu 01-Oct-20 19:04:10

😂 Lots of little pooers then. To be fair it's gone to 5 or 6 now, I think he's just going to be that way there's nothing wrong with him other than going through nappys like there's no tomorrow lol. Glad he's not the only one who just like pooing haha.

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attillathenun Wed 30-Sep-20 10:14:52

Not quite 8 times but maybe 3-4! Lol I’d be worried but DH is the same 😂😂 she’s always gone a lot since she was born, seems she missed the instruction about only going once a week like the other babies in our NCT group 😅

Jaim23 Tue 29-Sep-20 16:09:48

Hiya, thanks for replying, reassuring it's not just mine who's a poop machine lol. Size of your head 😂. To be fair my niece had huge ones as a baby she's 13 now and apparently still same 🙄🤦‍♀️.

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Hartleyhare1206 Mon 28-Sep-20 20:53:17

Mine did...can’t remember if it was as high as 8 times a day but it was certainly around the 5-6 a day on average.
Questioned the HV about it but was told that as she had always been like it, it was “normal”’for her and not to worry.
It gradually reduced over time - down to 2-3 times a day when she was an older toddler and at almost 4 she goes 1-2 times a day and they are the size of my head but that’s another story 🙄🤦‍♀️

Jaim23 Mon 28-Sep-20 20:07:20

Lovely topic I know but..
I've expressed concerns with hv etc. However just wondering if anyone else has or have had a baby that poos up to 8 times a day but was fine?

My little boy, has had reflux which he's getting over but just poos so frequently. He now has 3 bottles a day and 3 meals, we can't find an intolerance or allergy and although not a chubby baby he's still fine with his weight. The nappy consistency varies day to day. I'm constantly worrying about it just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar with their little ones?

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