Weight gain or puberty?

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Angrymum5 Fri 25-Sep-20 08:17:12

My DD has recently started puberty full blown. Her tummy has become a bit big and her face is very chubby. She has breast buds for over a year and wears a soft cup bra and greasy hair, also last week started vaginal discharge. But clear colour.
I am wondering if this puberty or actual weight gain and if she will grow out of it. She has just turned 11 and has a bigger build than most 11 year olds. On the NHS BMI calculator is just overweight by a little. She does do one hour a day of activity so she is ok with exercise. Measurements:
46kg ( it may seem a lot but she has a strong body build so you can hardly tell unless you look at her stomach and her face when she smiles)
Should I worry or will she grow out of it during puberty?

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LeGrandBleu Fri 25-Sep-20 08:50:11

Sorry it is probably weight.
From the medical paper below

The evidence published to date suggests that obesity may be causally related to earlier puberty in girls rather than that earlier puberty causes an increase in body fat


Does she eat a lot of processed food?

Angrymum5 Fri 25-Sep-20 13:49:40

No which is why I think its puppy fat that she will grow out of confused @LeGrandBleu

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Angrymum5 Fri 25-Sep-20 17:49:44

Anyone? confused

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LeGrandBleu Sat 26-Sep-20 00:31:37

I am not sure you can still use the term "puppy fat" past the age of 2.
Should you worry ? Worry is a big word. I would look and log what she eats over the course of 3 typical day to get an idea. Every morsel, including what she eats after her sport activity while she gets changed, in the car, at home. It is hard to judge amounts but they can climb up very easily
Cronometer.com is free and far superior to MFP.

The science is clear. It is the body fat that will drive puberty and my experience from working in school and having hordes of teens in my house is that - if anything - adolescents will put on weight in the years 11-14, not lose it.

You are saying it yourself, she has a big tummy and a chubby face. You are doing the right thing by questioning if it is a cause of concern.

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