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Jannt86 Sun 20-Sep-20 17:50:42

My 2.5 year old is getting pretty nifty on her balance bike. She can also pedal fairly well. Obviously the natural next step is putting the 2 together. When do people think is a reasonable age for this? How do I know when she's balanced 'enough' for it and any tips on how to make the transition? Thanks

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Rosehassometoes Mon 21-Sep-20 07:49:19

We tried when could cruise with legs up for long spells.
Then used stabilisers for practice pedalling consistently- just a few weeks. Still used balance bike at this stage too.
Then they were away.

Jannt86 Mon 21-Sep-20 08:29:15


We tried when could cruise with legs up for long spells.
Then used stabilisers for practice pedalling consistently- just a few weeks. Still used balance bike at this stage too.
Then they were away.

Fab thanks! She's probably about getting there with that but I see no reason to waste a good christmas/birthday present idea grin Will probably just let her enjoy the balance bike for a few more weeks at least and get it her as a present but then it seems like it wouldn't be unreasonable to encourage her to have a go w/o stabilisers once she has a pedal bike. What's the worst that can happen eh wink

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Wherethereshope Mon 21-Sep-20 22:27:41

DS 3 started moving his legs like he had pedals and could really hold them and balance not just exciting along. He didn't bat an eyelid with pedals, a little push to get some momentum and he was pedalling, couldn't believe it!

Go for it.. ive heard people taking the pedals off a pedal bike and using it as a balance bike if you needed to.

Jannt86 Tue 22-Sep-20 20:41:06

Thanks. In addition to this does anyone have advice on which bike to choose as a first peddler? Google seems to suggest Woom is far out but it comes at a price! Would welcome any real life opinions as to whether it's worth the extra money against say a Halfords basic x

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BlueChampagne Wed 23-Sep-20 10:59:12

With DS1 we made the mistake of getting a cheap bike and it was very heavy, so make sure whatever you go for is reasonably light. There is a good second hand market in Frogs and Isla bikes. Ridgeback might also be worth a look.

Porcupine83 Wed 23-Sep-20 19:12:17

I’d second getting one that’s light. And they tend to cost more. Second hand is a good idea. Ours is a Frog and it’s brilliant. DS is still on a balance bike so no advice re pedal bikes, but when we’re out I always end up carrying it at least some of the way home, and can imagine falling off/ under a lighter bike is easier.

noodlmcdoodl Sun 27-Sep-20 19:56:45

I got a Woom for my DS (purchased as it was the lightest available). He had it from age 2.5 but it was just too big/ heavy for him, although he’d wheel it round the living room. We also had it propped up against the fire guard where he’d peddle it backwards. By about age 3 it didn’t seem so big or heavy for him. Then age 3 and 4 months he was off. I didn’t do anything special but he just naturally started peddling. He had been balance biking daily from 18 months. We live somewhere really hilly so he nailed the breaking super fast. My nephew (4 months older) has an Isla and transitioned from his balance bike really easily too, he was 3.5.

The only thing with the Woom is that they aren’t an established/ known brand in the U.K. like Isla’s and Frogs so I’m not sure if the resale value would be as good.

Jannt86 Sun 27-Sep-20 20:55:41

Thanks all. She's basically made her own mind up.... I showed her the wooms and asked which colour she likes. Never mentioned buying it her but then pretty soon after she asked to go to the park and ride her bike. When we got there she was most indignant when I got her balance bike out and said 'no purple pedal bike' I then made the mistake of saying 'maybe santa will bring you one if you get really good on your balance bike' and since then she's literally not shut up about it grin God I hope she either forgets or we can actually get hold of one lol. I think it's the best choice especially if she's adament she wants one for christmas (i was considering more as a 3rd burthday gift really in march) as she'll only be 33MO so it'll need to be nice and light x

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