Speech and communication problems - 15 months

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Thesepreciousthings Tue 15-Sep-20 04:58:48

But of background... I had an extremely unsettled baby for the first 7 months or so and he is still very hard to settle with incredibly poor sleep. He has been slow to hit his milestones but on the whole has got there eventually. His speech /communication skills seem to be a problem.

He doesn't babble, maybe 3 or so times in 6 months. He barely makes any noises from his mouth, most come from the throat. He has never tried to make any one syllable sounds either. Grunts, straining or screaming are about it. He makes no attempt to imitate sounds or engage in back and forth interaction.

He smiles and makes eye contact and will point to things he wants. He can hear some things and understand a handful of words (boobie/milk/dog's name) but very rarely turns to his name or seems to understand basic commands.

HV has referred us for a hearing test and to SALT.

I'm worried about possible ASD or any longer term issues/developmental problems.

Does anyone have any advice /experience /pearls of wisdom/home truths? I'm a fairly anxious person so this plays on my mind.

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essexmum777 Tue 15-Sep-20 19:35:47

15 months is super young, pointing to what he wants is good - only a speech therapist / paediatrician can tell you if there might be an issue, my daughter didn't have her first word until 16 months, my son was 3 and he couldn't point until 2.5 and he didn't have autism - dr google always flags autism, they always seem to do a hearing test first before looking for other causes.

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