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Why you need to be thick skinned for this parenting lark!

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jellybrain Mon 08-Oct-07 14:33:15

I was getting dd 2.2 ready for bed last night and started to sing her a song.This was our conversation;

Me: Twinkle,twinkle.....
ME: Little
DD: SToooop (very pained expression)
ME: don't you like my singing?
DD: Its too hobobul(horrible)mummy. Lets read a book shall we? shock

Well I did ask hmm

jellybrain Fri 19-Oct-07 00:02:28

ds1(THEN AGED 7.5):
DS:ask me a question about the Tudors.
Me; But I don't think I know enough about them to catch you out.(he likes a challenge and would've been insulted by a ? on Henry vii's wives)

DS1: Didn't you do history at school?
ME: Yes, but i wasn't very good and can't remember much now(it more than 20 yrs ago fgs)
DS: What were you good at exactly - rolls eyes and exists stage leftblush.

He's is on the autistic spectrum(aspergers) and reads obsessively.As a result his general knowledge is huge. Bring on the mum & son Who wants to be a Millionaire (I will of course just sit there looking pretty) grin

Glad everyone's enjoying this thread. grin perhaps it'll be one to come back to now and again.

Pruners Mon 15-Oct-07 16:53:55

Message withdrawn

stepfordwife Mon 15-Oct-07 16:45:24

it ranges from dd (2.6) constantly trilling:"mummy not pretty! mummy not pretty!" to...

ds2 (6) staring at me quizzically in teh shower and asking:'mummy, why is your front bottom furry?" to..

ds1 (8) telling his teacher it's "daddy's kitchen" and the only reason his mum ever goes in there is to put her wine in the fridge! (got me sussed..)

oh, and when i'm not stocking up my wine supply in the fridge, i'm always down the pub apparently
if only....

andiem Mon 15-Oct-07 15:44:45

when I told my ds1 that i was going to be a sahm after lo was born he burst into tears and said but I love breakfast and after school club can't I go anyway
he suggested i could work 2 days maybe

so much for my vision of being a yummy mummy

suedonim Mon 15-Oct-07 15:37:16

Dd2 to me: Mummy, would you like me to send your name in to '10 Years Younger'?

Paddlechick666 Mon 15-Oct-07 10:42:03

just remembered another one from last month.

dd's dad came over to visit her, she adores him like you might expect.

dd: sit down daddy! sit here! read a book!

dd brings over some new books and scoots up on the lounge next to H.

me: ooh a new story, shall i listen too?

dd: No Mummy <shoves me away>, go and watch 'puter!


but i do get all the "love you mummy" so can't complain....

WindlePoons Mon 15-Oct-07 10:28:35

Oh this has made my day...

This tread should be made into a book

smugmumofboys Mon 15-Oct-07 10:06:52

This thread is very funny!

In the car with DS1 (5)

DS: Mummy, how far away is the sky?
Me: Erm, quite a long way away. Why don't we ask daddy when we get home? (physics teacher)
DS: Yes. Daddy's really good at that kind of thing, isn't he? Like science and things.
Me: Yes. What am I good at?
DS: You're good at hugs and kisses mummy. And jobs.

(Am actually Oxford graduate and teacher! hmm I suppose Xenia will be along soon to point that that's what sahming does for you!)

edam Mon 15-Oct-07 09:51:10

My mother still remembers me, as a toddler, watching her put on her bra and commenting: 'Mummy, tummy – up!'

susiecutie Mon 15-Oct-07 03:31:03

how funny ! what a great thread!

when my Dd was about 2 months old, we were staying at my brothers house. my nephew was chatting to me while i very carefully got dressed ..

neph: (age 7)
wow aunty susie your tummy is SOOO floppy now! why????
because ive not long had baby isobel
was that her house then?
yes, i suppose it was love.
well, now its an empty baby house shouldnt it be gone by NOW, it was over 2 months ago... or have you moved another one in already?? ( rolling eyes)

Then as he was leaving the room...
"and there's no point in trying to hide those (pointing to my boobs) aunty susie, they are FAR too enormous, and you do get them out EVERYWHERE anyway (rolls his eyes again )

I hope Dd is along time talking if thats the kind of thing she's going to say...

Oh and my brother and nephew ( same one) pretend to stick cheese i there ears when SIL sings.. ( a la 'Allo 'Allo )

grin grin

ScaryJaamy Mon 15-Oct-07 02:36:50

Thanks for making me laugh!

Great thread, jellybrain!

I get told by DD1 (3.5yo), "You are very very very very like Fifi, Mummy"

"Why?" Thinking of perhaps her cullinary or gardening skills.

"You forget a lot, don't you?"

And it's true!

TheEvilDediderata Mon 15-Oct-07 01:59:48

ds on leaving a store in Bristol ..

'C'mon Mum. I've got a better sense of direction than you. It's this way.'

He's two. And he was right blush

twentypence Mon 15-Oct-07 00:46:26

That's better then - I thought you had at least 7 children and a job.

bookwormmum Sun 14-Oct-07 22:44:21

Sorry - Sunday night syndrome blush.

edam Sun 14-Oct-07 22:36:08

bookworm, you've been around a while, you must have noticed the figure at the end of dd/ds refers to birth order, not age?!

bookwormmum Sun 14-Oct-07 22:29:34

Age 7 grin

twentypence Sun 14-Oct-07 22:23:51

dd7 shock

bookwormmum Sun 14-Oct-07 22:00:26

I was told off today by dd7 as I've got to work at half-term. Apparently I have to go and tell my boss I need the time off hmm.

This could be problematic as I'm a temp covering holiday leave - and am hoping to wedge my size 7s well and truly under the table before the perm girl come back (she's already mentioned she may be leaving soon since the job is not what she anticipated hmm).

Talk about pour more guilt on your head for being a WOHM anyway.

lupo Sun 14-Oct-07 21:58:24

No mummy, you go back to work (as I walk in the door from work) I only love daddy and gordon - the engine from thomas and his friends...

DS (3) says this too me alot..nice to feel wanted eh!!

He also for some reason informs everyone that my name is marge --not quite sure why

MamaD Sun 14-Oct-07 21:43:56

dd (2.7) to dh 'Are you old daddy?'

dh 'Why?'

(dd points to his forehead) 'Coz you've got stripes!'

and a few minutes later, looking up her fathers nose 'eewwwww, spiders up your nose!'

(not a good morning for dh!) Mind you, I get 'I'll do your belt up mummy - oh no, your belly is too fat' quite often in the mornings!

Jackaroo Sun 14-Oct-07 20:01:58

I'm sure bestfriend will kill me if she reads this, but ...

(scene: Sunday school for 4-6 year olds, being led by Bishop's wife... )

BF's 5yrs old daughter to Bishop's wife: You've got bosoms on your bosoms like my mummy ...I can see them.

(bosoms on bosoms being nipples)

twentypence Sun 14-Oct-07 09:25:30

"Mummy that spot has got so big we can't see your nose...

and your nose is big - so the spot must be 'normous"

Cue two hours of singing "Mummy has a normous spot, normous spot, normous spot. Mummy has a normous spot and her nose is big" to the tune of London bridge.

I am allowed to sing though (expect KT Tunstall songs which only he is allowed to do cover versions of).

woodstock3 Sun 14-Oct-07 09:21:35

my niece, not yet 3, was begging me the other day to draw stuff for her. im admittedly not artistic but i did a cat as requested which was at least recognisable. she looked at me sternly and said "it's not very good is it?"
thank god ds cant talk yet. grin

Elasticbandstand Sun 14-Oct-07 09:05:50

according to dd i look like miss trunchbal blush angry

LucyJones Sun 14-Oct-07 08:54:30

At M&T 3 year old ds goes round all the mums giving them pretend cups of tea with the tea set they have there.
When he gets to me he always, without fail, gives me a plastic wine glass and says 'wine mummy? I know you don't like tea'
blush They probably all think I drink wine at 2.30pm !!

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