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Why you need to be thick skinned for this parenting lark!

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Spagblog Mon 08-Oct-07 19:07:38

DD thinks I am severely uncool.

She has also on occassion told me to stop singing as "Its making DS cry and me feel sick"

milkymill Mon 08-Oct-07 19:03:07

Dd: " Mummy, you've got big boobies and I've got small boobies."

Me: Yes that's right.

Dd:" And when I'm bigger I will have big boobies like you. Will I have big eyebrows like you as well?"

Time to get the tweezers out methinks!

newgirl Mon 08-Oct-07 16:25:24

my dd went round telling everyone 'daddeeee is 40, 40 , 40 almost 140' all weekend - he began to get very grumpy

ScottishMummy Mon 08-Oct-07 16:15:16

out of the mouth of cheeky monkeys terrors cherubs - dont you love it lol

Flamesparrow Mon 08-Oct-07 16:07:46


I went shopping with DD (4) the other day - tried on a jumper

"No mummy. It doesn't look nice"


EmsMum Mon 08-Oct-07 16:03:34

Suffice it to say, the combination of rosacea and a child does nothing for ones self-image.

DoctorFrankenSquonk Mon 08-Oct-07 15:59:04

dd2 - "oh mum, not chicken again, it's eee-gusting!"

Paddlechick666 Mon 08-Oct-07 15:56:44

me: shall we sing a song
dd (23m): yes!
me: ba ba black sheep
dd: NO! Shhh Mummy

this goes on till we find a song that I am allowed to sing!

altho at bedtime she begs and begs for a "rockabye treetops" which is unbearably sweet but man I hate that song!

and recently for some unknown reason she's started yelling "Mr Tumble" in Tesco.


ScottishMummy Mon 08-Oct-07 14:55:30

apparently as a child visiting a stuck up posh aunty i chirruped

Me:aunty are you posh?
Aunty: Oh no dahling why u ask
Me: Mum and dad said "you were all fur coat and nae knickers"blush

squawking and blustering as i was man handled out of there and told in car never to repeat what i overhear

jellybrain Mon 08-Oct-07 14:50:56

Could this turn into a competition to find the most brutally honest child? Off to pick up the wee monsters darlings now... will come back when they're in bed grin.

ScottishMummy Mon 08-Oct-07 14:50:45

im sore all this laughing...keep 'em comingwink

pollywollydooooooooodle Mon 08-Oct-07 14:50:33

dd do you eat your crusts mummay? (black country accent)
me mmm
dd then why does your hair look like that?

(polly who has just come back from the hairdressers....)

HerculesMorseAsBigAsAnElephant Mon 08-Oct-07 14:47:46

ds1 today: Mummy, your eyes are funny
Me: Funny?! How?
ds1: They're fattening
Me: hmm

ScottishMummy Mon 08-Oct-07 14:47:28

aggghhhhhhhh the horror of it - could u speak as u were clenching your abdominals

jellybrain Mon 08-Oct-07 14:46:13

... ds1(10) in conspirational whisper;

Are you having another baby Mum?
Er, No!blush
Oh, your tummy's looking a bit fat(as he smiles sweetly at me while I breathe in and try to locate my abdominals).

DoctorFrankenSquonk Mon 08-Oct-07 14:45:48

jelly - all three of mine put their hands over their ears when I start singing.

And have done since they were months old!

But it doesn't stop me grin

ScottishMummy Mon 08-Oct-07 14:44:13

love this threadwink

Carmenere Mon 08-Oct-07 14:41:31

Ah yes well I was taking dd(3.8) to a party on Saturday and hse pointed to my tee-shirt and said that I would have to wear something else because everyone would be able to see my 'boobies'shockblush. Now it is a bit low cut but not that bad..............
So I put a jumper over it and the little madam said 'oh yes mum that is much better'hmm

Mind you this is the same child that regularly tells me if my clothes are too small when I try things on in changing rooms. and has done since she could first talk.
'no sma mummy, too sma' being shouted at you in TKMax changing room by a 2 yr old does wonders for you esteemgrin

GooseyLoosey Mon 08-Oct-07 14:35:34

You do indeed. Ds's comment to dh yesterday was that "daddy, you aren't a mammal as you have no hair!".

jellybrain Mon 08-Oct-07 14:33:15

I was getting dd 2.2 ready for bed last night and started to sing her a song.This was our conversation;

Me: Twinkle,twinkle.....
ME: Little
DD: SToooop (very pained expression)
ME: don't you like my singing?
DD: Its too hobobul(horrible)mummy. Lets read a book shall we? shock

Well I did ask hmm

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