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Why you need to be thick skinned for this parenting lark!

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jellybrain Mon 08-Oct-07 14:33:15

I was getting dd 2.2 ready for bed last night and started to sing her a song.This was our conversation;

Me: Twinkle,twinkle.....
ME: Little
DD: SToooop (very pained expression)
ME: don't you like my singing?
DD: Its too hobobul(horrible)mummy. Lets read a book shall we? shock

Well I did ask hmm

Summerfruitfullofscaryworms Sun 14-Oct-07 08:46:39

DD (3), DH and me were in our bedroom discussing about going to swim

DH : So dd, are you happy that Mummy comes with us at the swimming pool ?

DD : No Daddy, she cant come !

DH : Why that dd ?

DD : Well...she's too fat and then she pointed at me : Look at her...

Maybe it's time to lose all that baby weight..blush

MiloMummy Sun 14-Oct-07 08:17:16

These are fab - I honestly haven't laughed out loud like this for ages!

onlygirl Sat 13-Oct-07 21:43:10

my friends little boy said to her "don't worry mummy your not fat your just large" well if that wouldn't make you feel bettersmile

RubberDuck Sat 13-Oct-07 20:25:37

I picked up ds2 (3.5) from nursery the other day, gave him a huge hug and said "mmm, your hair smells nice"

He replied in a nice loud voice in front of all the other mums "and you mummy... you smell STINKY!"

Sheherazadethegoat Sat 13-Oct-07 20:21:41

dd told staff at nursery i was a dancer and i arrived to find them all sparkly eyed in wonder at me. there really wasn't a way to let them down gently, i work in IT.

crayon Sat 13-Oct-07 20:14:53

My son's speech therapist has a knack of asking questions that elicit the most embarrassing answers. The latest ...

Speech Therapist: And what does Daddy do?

Son: He works at a circus

Speech Therapist: A circus?

Son: Yes he's a clown

(DH works in IT)

theFlyingEvil Sat 13-Oct-07 11:52:42

dd2 (17months) shakes her head when i start singing

dd1 used to look at me and say firmly "today is not a singing day thank you!"

now she joins in grin

hopefully dd2 will get used to it too! grin

Kateaw Fri 12-Oct-07 22:24:20

DD (3.3) loves "Granny all the time, Grandpa all the time and Daddy all the time".

What about me? I'm just there all the time sad

fizzbuzz Fri 12-Oct-07 21:25:08

Ds then age 5, informed me I had a bottom "just like Mr Jelly" angry

Oh the silver tongued charmer......

procrastinatingparent Fri 12-Oct-07 21:14:57

Drying myself after my shower, DD (3) walks in:

"Yuck, mummy, when I grow up I don't want a hairy bottom like you."


Turquoise Fri 12-Oct-07 21:08:57

They don't get any kinder when they get older. Ds (12) was in bed this morning with flu, and I was on the computer. Will Young came on the radio and I sang along with gusto.
Ds appeared in the doorway and said "Oh it's you. I heard a wierd moaning sound and wondered what it was."

HairyIrene Fri 12-Oct-07 16:04:14

doodledoo..thats a corker! the recipe?..not! lol

castille Fri 12-Oct-07 15:48:07

Me to DD1: "you should eat up all your vegetables so that you grow up big and strong."

DD1: "I don't want to be big and strong mummy, I want to be just like you."

stripeymama Fri 12-Oct-07 15:39:04

When I was about 6 I used to go to Wildlife Watch things at the weekend, learning about trees and animals and mud etc. Came home one saturday, got put in the bath, stepdad came in to do a wee and I told him "your willy looks like an owl pellet".

mistypeaks Fri 12-Oct-07 15:35:30

My DD1 (2.4) spied the mop in the kitchen. Now bearing in mind DH does all the mopping as I work nights and we all know mopping has to be done BEFORE you go to bed(!?!?!?). She pipes up dadda mop
me Oh daddy mops does he?
DD1 (Y)esss. Dadda clean
SHE Oh is daddy clean
DD1 Nooooo dadda do clean. Dadda osh up (wash up), dadda cook (?er when?) dadda howver
ME (a litle tetchily) Oh and what does mommy do?
DD1 (looks thoughtful for waaay too long) er momma trump!!!
The worst bit was daddy was in the room at the time - pissing himself

Fimbo Fri 12-Oct-07 15:21:26

Ds (nearly 4) told me this morning "you know mummy, I only love daddy and grandpa". Then launches himself at me and gives me a big cuddle. Men - such fickle creatures grin

Piluncha Fri 12-Oct-07 15:15:34

Forgot to add that I'm glad I'm not the only one that when I start singing DD1 and DH start shouting above me to stop me

Piluncha Fri 12-Oct-07 15:14:16

LOVE this thread!!!

Fortunately my two DD haven't started with those lines yet although DD1 will probably start any minute!

Love the posh aunty one

jellybrain Thu 11-Oct-07 20:23:39

Dd:Mummy you got a spot (poke prod etc)
Me: oh, have Iblush
DD:Yes, I need to get B's maglieefying (sic)glass so I can look at it better hmm

pollywollydooooooooodle Wed 10-Oct-07 22:44:09

my only plus stripey mama is that to dd apparently my farts smell (D)elicious....(glad i get something right!)

bumperlicious Wed 10-Oct-07 22:16:31

ROFL suzi!

suzi2 Wed 10-Oct-07 22:06:13

I'm now quite glad DS is bit slow on the speech front!

As a child, I told one granny that I preferred the other granny to her as she wasn't all wrinkly to look at.

And I told a good looking young salesman that my mum was on the toilet doing a jobby, just as she appeared behind me at the door. she has never forgiven me.

stripeymama Wed 10-Oct-07 21:53:37

Grim isn't it.

And of course "Daddy is cleverer/kinder/richer/never horrible/better at looking after me"

Yeah yeah. That's because he only sees you one weekend in eight.

This evening I was told that I do stinky farts and that she "doesn't need a smelly mummy"

pollywollydooooooooodle Wed 10-Oct-07 21:47:28

me too stripeymama!

stripeymama Wed 10-Oct-07 21:42:20

On dropping off dd from (Steiner) nursery:
"You should go to the pub today mummy"
Apparently I am too cross and the pub makes me happy.
Also I resemble the Fat Controller.

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