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Pinching! 9 month Dd.. really painful, dont know how to stop it!

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susiecutie Sun 07-Oct-07 19:23:28


My lovely little Dd has been pinching VERY hard for a few weeks now. I thought it would stop but is ongoing and now she's doing it to other people.

She started off just doing it to me, mainly when i was feeding her, she's grab a handful of boob and pull. HTought it was exploring etc... but then she moved onto mouths and anything she can grab now.

I'm covered in little bruises and scratches and have a few ulcers in the mouth from the mouth pulls!

I've tried saying no ( which she undersands) i've jumped out of my skin before and shouted in pain, she jumps ( which i feel terrible about) but still does it only minutes later..

I have been taking her off the breast and sat her on floor away from me when she does it so she may realise if she does it no more boob... but no results so far...

I've told mum to do the same today as she has been pinching her today.

has anyone else has this problem? what can i do? it is SERIOUSLY jeopardizing the breast feeding as its then that its the worst... i am on the verge of stopping as it really is that sore.

I really want to keep feeding her as long as she wants to as long as possible, but not like this

please can anyone offer some advice? tactcis? and is this only us that have this problem at such a young age?

susiecutie Sun 07-Oct-07 19:25:05

oh, obviously she does it to mum when they are playing.. and to DH when they play. only me all the time when she's feeding.

ally90 Sun 07-Oct-07 19:44:46

Hi Susie

I nearly gave up bf too because of that and the biting. Best thing for my dd was a quiet, calm, regretful 'no' no reaction (such as screaming, jumping if possible ) and removing boob for 30 seconds? count it down or put her on floor as you are doing. Takes nerves of steel...and I usually yelp if someone merely gently bumps into me!! Persistance is the other key. Try one thing and keep doing it for at least a few days. Hard when your not sure if it will work, but nothing will unless your consistant.

Much sympathy for you but remember, your the adult and CAN win this one.


susiecutie Sun 07-Oct-07 20:01:07

Thanks Ally... I have tried not to 'react' it just happens sometimes... she has started shouting back before i've even had chance! so i htink she does at least 'know' what it is that is making me jump...

I will just be consistent if i can. You are right, though, i should try not to react in anyway. the NO is something she also understands so with consistency maybe it'll work. I really hope so i just dont want this to be the reason for us stopping.

thank you really helps knowing its not just us that its happened too.

GodzillasHorriblyHairyBumcheek Sun 07-Oct-07 21:42:24

We went through this very very recently (dd born in december so about same age), and yes, it blardy hurts! She has just about stopped it now, but i think she just grew out of it now she's moving around on her own more - she isn't so bored i assume!

susiecutie Sun 07-Oct-07 22:59:53

dd not moving too much yet as has been slightly delayed in wearing hip harness for nearly 4 months. I hope that when she's moving around a bit, a few of our little probs will get better like this one, ( i htink boredom may be a factor wink ) and sleeping, or not, as the case may be! I'm hoping she will be more tired if using more energy in the day.. live in hope anyway!

probably why this is so awful in the night, as i'm too tired to be patient about it...

thanks for your post.. again it really helps to know its kind of 'normal' at least that i dont have a really prematurely violent daughter!

GodzillasHorriblyHairyBumcheek Mon 08-Oct-07 21:49:55

Lol@prematurely violent - i think dd may have been prematurely violent. She sure kiked the crap stuffing out of me before she was even born!

Sorry to hear about the hip harness. Must have been hard. Hopefully she will progress quickly now she's free then. What was it for? (Sorry, curious, if you don't want to answer tell me to stop being such a nebby cow!).

susiecutie Mon 08-Oct-07 22:28:06

dont mind at all!

She had congenital disloaction of the hips.. now called DDH i believe (developmental displasia of the hips...)

unfortunatly, it was inherited from me. I had CDH which was not picked up until I was nearly 2. I was aware that girls born to mums who had it, have a higher risk of also being born with it. so I was really worried about it. and also really pushy about having her scanned... I Insisted on it, despite being told they were fine in examination. I knew they were not fine after a couple of weeks, i just KNEW they werent...

scan date came upon us, she was examined AGAIN and AGAIN i was told they were ok, but they'd scan anyway, as we were there... well, they were both very abnormal one totally displocated with no socket formed. the other unstable and eaily dislocated with a shallow socket... I was really shocked.. i felt they were not quite right, but not that bad...

she had the harness for nearly 4 months was horrible I felt guilty the whole time

sha had it removed as it wsa no longer making a difference, the sockets were not improving and not growing. they were last checked at being just under 60% formed... we go back this monday to see if she may need surgery. I'm so worried about it. I just dont want her to have all the problems i've had all my life with it, and still am... cant bare the thought of that for her.

sorry long reply, but kinda was a long reason!! ish... blush

I dont mind talknig about it at all... ( clearly! blush )

GodzillasHorriblyHairyBumcheek Mon 08-Oct-07 22:37:55

Oh dear. I didn't realise she was still having problems (stupid woman i am).

I can't understand why you feel guilty about it though. For one, you did get the problem taken notice of, instead of assuming the docs were right. For another, i know it must feel like you've doomed her to a life with same problems as you (although i don't actually know what they are, btw), but you are just as entitled to have kids as anyone else.

You shouldn't think you have to push away all thoughts of a family because you have a disability (is CDH a disability? From what you have said it sounds like it).

susiecutie Mon 08-Oct-07 22:54:01

Well, she's ok at the moment, shes trying to move around, and sitting and rolling crawling backwards etc... cant go up into crawl position on her knees though, her hips dont seem strong enough, or possibly not formed to allow that movement. She just kind of 'falls' back down with her legs toally flat in frog position to the ground iyswim...
she also really wants to stand but is SO wobbly, she trys to pull herself up but thats all she can manage. she gets very frustrated. she will walk, but just a bit slower than most i think

CDH need not cause disability if treated early etc. but i think a large portion of those with it go on to need further surgery and then develope arthritis early. Which is what happened to me. I had so many operations to try to sort my hips out but few of them did much good. then it became a case of 'building' good shaped hips to allow for a hip replacement so had a few of those types of op... had replacement on one side 3 years ago and need left side replacing now.. but of course not good timing for Dd!

I am glad i insisted on the scan etc... really glad. talk about mothers instincts hey! wink

I always wanted children and never really thought it would be an issue. Its an increased risk, not a definite, and with early screening, it can be treated really successfully. just seems we are being unlucky... again.

fingers crossed for monday hey?

thanks for readin my posts... long i know!

GodzillasHorriblyHairyBumcheek Mon 08-Oct-07 22:56:12

Am having to go for tonight, will read your reply asap though. Goodnight Suzie!

GodzillasHorriblyHairyBumcheek Tue 09-Oct-07 22:05:32

Yep, definately got fingers and toes crossed for your dd for Monday!

Btw, it hasn't been very long that my dd has been crawling properly - i thought she was going to miss out on raising her torso completely. She only started doing it in the last week and a half - so your dd isn't far behind actually! She must be a quick learner.

Also dd has only just started pulling herself up on the furniture, so if your lo is trying, despite the delay shock - how clever of her!

LoopyLena Fri 03-Oct-08 23:35:49

susiecutie - i know this post is nearly a year old, just wondering what happened? My DD has Bi-lateral DDH, had no sockets at all and we have no family history!!!!!

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