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2 year old hardly sleeping

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Lozzie683 Thu 03-Sep-20 11:06:50

NEED HELP, mum is slowing loosing the will to live. My 2 year old LOVEEESSSS waking up anywhere from 2am to 4am and is awake anywhere from 5am till 8 am or even 6pm!!!!!!!!! He refuses to nap during the day, awake most of the night and i'm knackered.

My step son recently moved in who is 15 tomorrow and shares a room with my son, which I don't think is helping the situation as I don't want to leave him screaming all night when the step son is asleep, he starts school tomorrow (which is a fair distance from us unfortunately) and I don't want him waking up. I sometimes bring him into my bed but he just rolls around, chats away and throws his blanket about, gets off the bed and goes to go downstairs so I end up bringing him downstairs. I try putting him back up, for a nap or after an hour or so and he just plays with his pillows and blankets in his cot or screams... I work 2 days a week and constantly running around after a family of 4, I'm shattered!

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ZooKeeper19 Thu 03-Sep-20 14:54:17

He really needs a daytime nap. Any chance of getting him physically tired, then lunch and milk or tea and try strapping him to a pram and walking him? I'd not try the cot as that may be a real struggle at first.

I'm no expert but was told that a routine for both night time and nap time is very helpful. Also blinds (so room is totally dark) and white noise may help. If you are desperate, I'd try and see if any of this helps even a bit.

Lozzie683 Thu 03-Sep-20 15:01:56

He won't sleep in his pram, ever... car yes, pram no, I did take him for a drive at 4am the other day to get him to sleep, have the blinds, have the routine it's just not working anymore, yes he should still nap but I put him down with milk and his blanket like always and he just point blank refuses then it gets to late to nap and he's still fighting at like 3 and if he slept at 3 he would be awake in time for bed haha, his bedtime is 7.30 and he naps at 12 (normally) but this all started during lockdown. Not sure what to do with him to tire him out haha, he spends the day chasing the dogs around the house, he starts nursery on the 15th though for a few hours over two days.

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k2331 Fri 04-Sep-20 22:50:25

I'm pretty sure I've heard of a sleep regression at 2 so if this is a recent thing then it could be that? If so, keep your routine consistent and with time it should pass xx

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