Worried about my 6 week old

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Olive96 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:32:49

My daughter was 6 weeks on Sunday. I'm a first time mum and I'm worrying about everything. I just wanted some reassurance that her behaviour is normal for a newborn. She eats, sleeps and cries and does very little else. She has about 20 minutes a day where we can engage her in something but other than that it's an endless cycle of feeding, settling and sleeping - is this normal or should she be more settled and engaged in the world around her? I wish I could stop worrying and enjoy this time but I'm finding it really hard

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Eggcellent29 Wed 02-Sep-20 20:38:16

Oh honey, reading your post took me right back to those early days! It is so hard, and particularly in lockdown with no support groups so you can chat to other mums and see what’s normal!!

It sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job.

From what you say, she sounds just like my son at that age. Honestly, he spent most of the day asleep. I think he was awake for about 45 mins at a time between naps and that was it. Like you say, he would engage for a short period but tired out very quickly.

I’m assuming she eats, pees, poops, has a normal temp, etc?

The worry at this stage is so, so hard. I remember being in a state of panic pretty much 24/7. It was exhausting. Please talk to your support system and let it out - no matter how crazy it sounds!

Jaim23 Thu 03-Sep-20 07:34:05

Hi there,

This also takes me back, I don't think you ever stop worrying to be honest haha. But. It gets easier and more rewarding as they start to grow and engage. Yes I would say this is completely normal my ds was the exact same, when they do start being awake more you'll miss the peace 🤣. Ovbiously speak to a health visitor with your concerns but try to enjoy this quiet stage where you can just sit stare and cuddle the beautiful baby you've created in. Plenty of time before they start growing up.

jdy123 Fri 04-Sep-20 05:52:46

My daughter is 6 weeks Wednesday and I was thinking the same thing today, I think it's normal and like PP says we need to enjoy this time ha. I found info that said a baby of this age needs to nap after being awake for 45 mins and it's better for them to nap regularly rather than be over tired and awake as this can cause issues sleeping

Eggcellent29 Fri 04-Sep-20 11:44:20

@jdy123 Totally right about the nap thing! I’ve always been religious about my LOs wake windows. Had so many people scoff, tell me I’m wrong, that he’s not ready for a nap yet, he doesn’t seem tired, etc.

He’s slept through the night since he was 3 months and takes 10 mins max to fall asleep for naps. Totally worth it!

AtLastEarwax Sat 05-Sep-20 08:34:08

Yes takes me back too!!

With my son I worried totally and just went with the flow. Hard work but it's all worth it. The time just laying watching him

With the twins, even harder work and we felt like we could never see the light at the end of the tunnel but we got there and they are happy little things that giggle and climb and follow me like two little puppies 😂😂😂

Call me mad but I love watching all mine eat 😂😂😂

Enjoy the time watching them sleeping. Loved watching the twins snuggle together and sniff each other's hair - rather than pull each other's like they do now!

Keep up the good work xoxox

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