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11 week old won't take a bottle

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chocolate26 Wed 02-Sep-20 08:46:03

My 11 week old DD is exclusively breastfed which is going well and always has done but I'd like to be able to express every now and then and have my DH feed her but she won't take a bottle. We have tried advent and mam bottles as she has mam dummies but she won't drink from them she just cries and turns away! We have tried different positions and tried when she's hungry and not hungry but she doesn't like it. Does anyone have any tips? Or any specific bottles that might work? I'm exhausted and could do with DH being able to feed her sometimes smile

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aimzxd Thu 03-Sep-20 00:02:53

Go out for a morning and/or afternoon. If she's hungry, she'll take the bottle.

attillathenun Thu 03-Sep-20 11:34:29

Sorry to tell you this but it might be a bit late to introduce a bottle if she hasn’t already been having one regularly. My DD is ebf and on the advice of the HV we waited until she was 6 weeks to introduce a bottle, and she became a total bottle refuser. The only advice we got was as PP has said, to go out and leave baby with her dad and she would have to take a bottle eventually. We never ended up doing it but at 6 months she took to using a sippy cup instead.

Dreamland13 Thu 03-Sep-20 17:31:27

My little girl didn’t either, I kept persevering and persevering. She only consistently started to take it around 5-6 months I’m afraid. She did have moments of taking it earlier but then would stop again. Her favourites were Philips avent in the end having refused them countless times. I can only say persevere. But good luck xxx

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