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It's Mine! It's mortifying!

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coffeeandjuice Sun 23-Aug-20 17:29:54

My 2.5 yo is going through the "mine" stage. Snatching toys with the word "mine!" We've just been on a play date and it was really quite embarrassing.

Then my 17mo is now following her brother and just repeating "mine mine mine"

What do I do??

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mincymoo124 Sun 23-Aug-20 20:43:08

I know how embarrassing it can be! Mine went through a really bad stage of this and I didn't want to take her anywhere. I thought it was because she was an only child and used to everything being hers at home but actually it is just a stage they go through and they do learn eventually. We still have moments of it but generally she is a lot better now it definitely helps that she goes to nursery and has had to learn to share toys and take it in turns. X

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