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mumofthree1993 Sun 23-Aug-20 10:45:29

My son is 20months old.
He has been head butting the floor every time he has a strop since he was 18months old
But no I'm worried to how hard he is banging it!
He has a few bruises on his forehead now!
I am a single mum of 3,
My other two never did this?
anybody else or am I alone?!

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Bunnybaubles Wed 26-Aug-20 13:41:24

Both my toddlers do this. My 26 mo DD is being assessed for autism, but she butts her head all the time. When just playing will bend down and butt the carpet lightly 3 times then stand up and continue playing. During a tantrum or meltdown she will seek out the hardest surface and bang her head HARD.
My youngest is 14 mo and only bangs her head when angry or having a tantrum. I don't have any developmental concerns about her and think she just copies her sister.

I spoke to the HV about both and she said it is nothing to worry about. And although it is awful for a mum to watch, and that they end up with bruises, extensive studies have shown they will never do it hard enough to cause serious injury / damage.
Apparently its seeking sensory stimulation and I was told not to stop them as it can be calming for them. Strange I know!! I do recommend not giving any attention when they do it, although sometimes I cant help myself and try to divert their attention onto something else.

Bunnybaubles Wed 26-Aug-20 13:46:15

My 14 mo also head butts me whether she is in a good mood or not! Still trying to figure out how to stop this behaviour.

mumofthree1993 Wed 26-Aug-20 17:30:46

Is it worth me letting the health visitor know then at his 2 year check.
I have an 8 year old that is diagnosed with ADHD he has major sensory issues. Also under investigation for asd too he dosnt headbutt but stims constantly jumping

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Bunnybaubles Wed 26-Aug-20 17:59:13

No harm in letting her know, or if you're concerned give her a call now. Your HV might hold different opinions on head butting to mine or might have good advice to offer that mine didnt.
My older DD stims constantly too. Unfortunately I had to cancel her 1st face to face appointment with the dr who will be assessing her because both DD's are choked with a cold, including a mild cough. No idea when she will be seen now. Typical timing lol.

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