Nightmare toddler

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Mrs86 Fri 21-Aug-20 10:37:07

Meltdowns all the time! Chews everything (don't know why). Downright stubborn and demanding. I feel like he takes the piss with me only. I get home from work and he starts. Like ott hyper jumping throwing etc..

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Mrs86 Fri 21-Aug-20 10:34:58

Anyone got a naughty 3 year old? Do they just not listen or am I going wrong somewhere? If I'm on the phone he'll turn up from another room of the house to come and scream and make noise. You ask him to stop something and he does it more. He's figured how to open the stairgate upstairs so will wake up and come downstairs in morning. He'll mess with the cutlery even though we've explained how dangerous scissors/knives are. Laughs when I tell him off. Refuses to sit on the potty. Basically anything we tell him not to do he does!! Please tell me this passes! I can't do with the screaming I end up snapping aaaaargh

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