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About to start potty training

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madame Thu 04-Oct-07 12:38:58

and I don't know where to buy it all. I would like her to go straight to the loo but want dd to feel secure on the seat. Do you know of any good seats that are perhaps built up a bit at the sides to give extra support. Also when you are on the go whats the best thing to have with you? Appreciate any help.

Thank you

PhoenixSongbird Thu 04-Oct-07 12:47:09

dd uses this on the toilet, but we also have a potty for downstairs (oh, for a downstairs loo!). This is lovely looking, but expensive and I prefered the padded one above.

I haven't risked going out with pants yet, I don't think she's ready yet, we only have the odd wee on the potty/toilet, she still wears pull-ups most of the time. However, I'm thinking of getting this and this for when we're out and about.

tizzwhizz Thu 04-Oct-07 13:25:57


I tried to do ds straight to the loo but were having lots of accidents. I know what you mean though he does feel like a big boy using the loo.

He uses loo upstairs and potty downstairs (we cheated a bit his nanna spoilt him and bought him one of the pottys that look like a toilet.) If I know there will be easy loo access I will take his toilet seat with me. If not I take a portable potty. TBH just bought a cheap 99p one from asda to take out and about with us.

Our local Asda also do nice childrens toilet seats.

Seona1973 Thu 04-Oct-07 13:27:38

we started with the potty but dd quickly progressed to the big toilet. She never used anything on it - we did buy little plastic step stools so she could get up onto the seat by herself but she managed to balance on the toilet rim pretty well (and she's got a tiny bum!!). I did buy a portable potty but it never got used. I always got into the habit of taking dd for a pee before we went out and we could always find a cafe, public toilet, etc to use if she needed a pee when she was out. I bought a cheap potty from morrisons for 99p and it did the job. I did also get this 3 in 1 potty but it only got used a couple of times and now it gets used as a step stool for dd to do her teeth at the sink.

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