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Chunky 15mo

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MrsCremuel Sat 15-Aug-20 11:24:06

I weighed my DS this week and he was between 28-30lbs eek (wriggling made measurement tricky). About 82cm for height. This puts him at the very top centile for weight and about 75th for height. He was born 50th centile for everything but his keeness for breastfeeding soon saw him shoot up to around the 90th.

Worried he is going to be an overweight toddler! He still bfs 3x a day. Has porridge or toast with banana for brekkie, fruit snack mid morning, sandwich or pasta for lunch and then usually meat, potatoes and veg for dinner with fruit and yog for afters. He doesn't eat much of his lunch usually. He is very active, constantly on the go.

Me and his dad are tall and not skinny but not fat, more 'solid'.

Should I be worried?

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MrsCremuel Sat 15-Aug-20 11:26:30

Should say he gets zero junk food!

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veejayteekay Tue 18-Aug-20 10:04:03

Not sure how much help I'll be here as I am an adoptive mother so can't factor in the breastfeeding but my son who is now 22ms had /has a similar diet to your little one. No junk and good meals/snacks and lots of activity but still a chunky thing and always v heavy for his age and height (he's shorty). I was getting a bit worried as he was always so high up percentiles and I couldn't think what I was doing "wrong". He had quite a big toddler Tummy and everything was quite chunky as well as always being heavy enough for carrying him to feel too much. Health visitor reassured me on meeting that he was "in proportion" but I was a bit worried she may have been being too polite about it as she was a lovely lady. However from about 20ms I've really noticed him lengthening and dropping the baby fat. He still is on the heavier side of the percentiles but he is now growing height wise so is in better proportion and his face is thinning out. His weight gain has slowed down and putting much less on per month now than before. I didn't believe ppl when they said that happens but it does seem to. I also remember my little brother who is now 24 was an incredibly chunky baby until about 2 or 3 and from then on has been the skinniest bean pole! I hope that's helped to reassure you but if you are concerned can't be any harm in speaking to your HV

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