Toddler, teething, heatwave. God give me strength.

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MrsCremuel Mon 10-Aug-20 19:49:15

Today has been intense! Jaysus. Parenting is hardwork. One of those days. 15mo has just entered the toddler phase behaviour wise. Poor boy, he is full of beans, cuddles, screams, getting his incisors early, constantly got a sweaty head. He is still going upstairs, just won't relax and go to sleep.

I've handed over to DH and am opening a G&T and ordering us a takeaway. Well done to anyone who has survived similar today! Bring on the thunderstorms!

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Jaim23 Mon 10-Aug-20 20:15:28

I feel for you, I have a six month that's decided he's going to have his back teeth first, fever irritated and a warm house on top. Joys haha

Blondie1980s Sun 16-Aug-20 11:41:46

Omg I so know how you feel !!!!
My little one yr old just cut 2 teeth at the same, in the heatwave, and after just having his first year immunizations.
Stressed out, trying to cuddle and sooth a toddler thats just too damn warm and making himself warmer crying is not an easy feat.
Luckily or unluckily for me the OH was away working, and after hours of struggling i gave up and let him in bed with me , Built a pillow fort... gave him cappol, Baby neurophen , stripped him, had fans going and built a bed fort so he didnt fall out... he eventually went to sleep by roaming around the bed and laying his head on my belly when he wanted a cuddle. I jut gave his arm a little stroke to show him i was still there and made soothing noises... BUT we had 3 or 4 hard nights like that.

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