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Growth Spurts at 2.7 years old?

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bodiddly Tue 02-Oct-07 19:40:09

My ds is 2.7 years old and has been sleeping loads (at night and during the day given a chance) for the last week or two .... I wondered whether this could be due to a growth spurt? My initial thought was that he was coming down with something but I would've thought some symptoms would've shown up by now! Anyone else heard of this?

bubblagirl Tue 02-Oct-07 19:47:08

my ds also is much more tired he is 2.5 he goes to bed earlier is sleepy in day and sleeps in in the morning i too thought he was coming down with something then i thought maybe it is because of the dull weather

but maybe it is to do with growth maybe there using more energy than we think

bodiddly Tue 02-Oct-07 19:56:21

that sounds reassuring ... don't get me wrong I am not complaining that he wants to sleep! It is just that he is at nursery full time and we have to get him up early in the mornings and I just cant get him in bed early enough in the evenings for him to get enough sleep at the moment. Weekends are the only time he can catch up really.

bubblagirl Wed 03-Oct-07 18:15:10

oh bless him could still be the weather my ds is in bed now usually dont go till 7.15-8pm and barely keep him up till 6 it is nice having time to yourself but it does worry you

but behaviour wise he is still the asame doesn't appear to be coming down with anything must be the winter blues lol

bodiddly Wed 03-Oct-07 19:20:55

maybe there is a sleep bug going round! having sad he wasnt ill ... he woke up this morning with a barking cough ... and he is losing his voice ... the chemist seemed to think it might be croup but the little so and so flatly refused to cough or talk at the doctor so it remains a mystery! He seems ok in himself but I think the sleep is going to be a problem if he is coughing the whole time! we are probably in for a few rough nights methinks!

bubblagirl Wed 03-Oct-07 19:36:12

oh poor thing i hope it isnt the start of things going around hope he feels better soon

bodiddly Wed 03-Oct-07 21:48:36


asset1 Thu 04-Oct-07 21:27:36

just to but in on this, my ds went through a growth spurt at about 2.5. it was great, he slept really late in the mornings for several weeks. he's now back to 6am mornings unfortunately, and has grown out of most of his trousers..

bodiddly Fri 05-Oct-07 12:33:22

i shouldnt have mentioned it really as it looks like he was brewing for a bout of croup ... joy!

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