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DS is 23mths - when do I cut down / stop his milk?

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Holymoly321 Tue 02-Oct-07 15:35:31

He currently has around 4 oz in the morning whilst we are all still in bed after he has climbed in with us (!) and then around 8/9 oz in the eves before bed. Just wondering if I should be cutting this down or stopping it altogether?

bubblagirl Tue 02-Oct-07 15:51:34

are you bf or cow's milk its totally fine to still have milk my ds is 2.5 and he has 8oz of a night he wont drink it of a morning but i think they can have it as long as they want it it will do no harm

im see 5 yr olds having warm milk before bed its known to help with sleeping so if he is enjoying it let him drink it it will do no harm

mysterymachine Fri 05-Oct-07 22:41:59

my ds has loads of milk (cows milk) - around 6oz in morning, same in afternoon and about 10oz before bed. Drinks juice and water as well. He is 2 1/2. Don't think there is any particular reason to cut down or stop if he still wants to drink it.

feetheart Fri 05-Oct-07 22:51:26

My DS is the same age and has at least 5-6oz before his nap (usually morning, sometimes afternoon) and 8oz before bed. DD is 4.7 and still loves her milk though drinks less at bedtime now so she doesn't have to get up to wee in the night! If he is enjoying it and eating well then no reason at all to stop I would have thought.

MamaMaiasaura Fri 05-Oct-07 22:52:53

ds aged 7 often has milk with his meals. Why would you want to stop it?

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