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Tips to wean off the Boob

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Harls123 Thu 06-Aug-20 15:53:23

My Little girl is 1 next month, and im planning on stopping breastfeeding as she will be able to have cows milk.
Any tips to wean her off with as less fuss as possible? Shes also at that stage where she will pull on my top when she wants some .... i cant see this being easy.

thanks smile

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Somethingvague Thu 06-Aug-20 18:22:07

Approximately how many times is she feeding per day? At this age you can gradually start introducing a mid morning and mid afternoon snack in place of bf. Also introduce cup of cow's milk/formula in the morning and a cup/bottle in the evening in place of those feeds. I stopped at about 12 months and was happy with that; I think it gets harder the later you leave it.

Harls123 Thu 06-Aug-20 18:55:23

shes always just bit and batted through the day, its through the night where shes hanging from me all night.
she does accept formula, do you think its best to give her formula through the night? i think she just uses me for comfort anyhow

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Somethingvague Fri 07-Aug-20 09:07:57

Yes, I think you probably need to tackle the night feeds. I managed to drop the day feeds first, and then dropped the last night feed by around 14 months. By 1 year, if solids are established, they don't need any kind of milk during the night - it's just comfort and habit (which if you're fine with then it's not a problem, but for me I was going back to work and wanted to stop). Since managing to drop the night feed they slept through the night fairly consistently, illnesses etc aside. I would read up on sleep strategies, doesn't need to be cry it out, but whatever you do then be consistent but know they won't be happy just because it's a change and they're not getting what they're used to.

Willowandsprinkle Fri 07-Aug-20 09:25:10

I recently weaned my daughter she was 16 months old at the time. I dropped her day feeds when she was about 11 months, if she tried to pull my top down I would get up and move away wand offer her milk or water as an alternative.

With the night feeds I made the rule in my head that I wouldn’t feed her before 11pm if she woke up for it. I would cuddle her or rub her back through the cot bars. Then I would set a time in my head say 4am to begin with, if she woke up before then she could have a feed- if it was after I didn’t give it to her. I just cuddled her and sat by her cot until she was settled.
Every few days I moved the time forward by an hour. Until eventually no more night feeds, it does take a bit of time but now she doesn’t ask for it anymore! Also has slept through more nights in the last few weeks than she has in her whole life aha!
Good luck! flowers

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