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My daughter hates me...

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20ChickenNuggets Wed 05-Aug-20 13:16:57

I'm a Dad, married with two boys and a girl, plus a son from a previous relationship. My DD is 9 years old and our relationship seems to have completely deteriorated into a daily routine of arguments and tears.

We used to be the absolute best of friends, Daddy dates and days out, cuddles on the sofa sharing ice cream and all those amazing things that Dads and their daughters do.

However in the last year or so, this has totally broken down and now all my DD and I seem to do is argue. And it's horrible, and my wife has taken a dislike to me because of it. But that's a whole other thread... confused

These upsets can be down to the simplest things, from asking her to tidy her room or put the lid on a squash bottle, to her not agreeing with parenting decisions I make about my youngest, who is a crazy 3 year old boy, or just that I tightened up the brakes on her bike.

I have researched the problem and understand it's a common one. I try to always keep calm, use gentle tones and walk away if things get bad, but nothing seems to change and I'm constantly the bad guy, getting the silent treatment from both DD and my wife.

What else could I do to try and help my daughter see that I'm not the bad guy?

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ZooKeeper19 Wed 05-Aug-20 23:16:47

Poor you sad sounds like a double-trouble. It would help if your wife took your side every once in a while.

Is there anything your daughter likes doing that you could do together? Have you asked her if anything is bothering her maybe at school, with friends or similar?

How is she with her siblings, are they good friends? Not much else comes to mind. I hope someone else has a bit more advice.

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