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3 month old eye contact

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Ashchinna Tue 04-Aug-20 17:10:18

hi... my baby s 3 month old... she doesnt make eyecontact for a long time.. smetimes she avoids looking at me... how much ever i try she just turns her face towards one side.. smetimes she makes eyecontact n reacts but jus for few minutes.. pls help.. she s born at 36 weeks without any complications at a bw of 3.23kgs..

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labyrinthloafer Wed 05-Aug-20 00:29:48

Hi, sorry you're worried, and congrats on your baby.

My friend Dr Google said you should speak to someone - maybe GP - if your baby doesn't make eye contact after 3 months. BUT that doesn't mean your baby has anything wrong!

Two things I know from my own experiences:

1) when I investigated a hearing worry, I was wrong and all was fine - but everyone was happy with me checking, that is what they are there for

2) one of mine was born 2 weeks early and had some health issues. They always corrected the age. So if your baby was born at 36 weeks, they might factor that in.

If you are worried at all call your gp for a quick chat.

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