Baby hitting her mouth and face - teething or something else?

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Brela Tue 04-Aug-20 13:42:15


I'm a first time mum and my 11 month old
girl has started to hit her face..she will hit her mouth, grab her head and sometimes even pulls at her eyelids! Sometimes she will bite her hand and go all red like she's in a rage. She then will turn on me and hit my face.

It happens about once a day but I just don't know why she is doing this...nothing is ever really happening to provoke it.
I thought it may be hunger but sometimes she will refuse food.

Could this be her having a bit of a tantrum/teething/ hungry...I just honestly don't know but when she does it she cries whatever I do with her and hers even more angry if I try to put her down or pick her up!

If anyone has any ideas that would be helpful as it does look a bit worrying sometimes!

Other than that she is a very healthy , happy little girl that is developing really well.

Thank you xx

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labyrinthloafer Wed 05-Aug-20 00:32:16

Hi, I have no idea, the eyes thing - could she be very tired? Or I wondered if they were itchy?

Maybe keep a diary for a week, the trouble is things can be something (like an allergy?) or absolutely nothing!

Is it every day?

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