Helping 3 year old with social skills

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sunnyfields25 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:53:03

Hi all

DS is 3.2 and he goes to nursery one day a week, soon increasing to two.

Recently his key worker mentioned he's quite full-on when he tries to approach other children to play with them. I think he can be pretty boisterous and disrupt whatever game they've already got going on because he's keen to be involved. DS mentioned to me yesterday that when he tries to play with the other children at nursery they sometimes push him away, so I don't think he realises there's anything wrong with his approach.

DH has seen him doing this at the park. He'll start off chatting to another child nicely but will then flop on the floor and roll around being silly. The other child is left wondering what's going on!

Does anyone have any tips for teaching DS how to approach other children and join in with their games rather than trying to take control and disrupt things? It's upsetting to think he's alienating the other kids.

Thanks smile

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