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Teething... or just sleep regression? Or both?!

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sp1998 Fri 31-Jul-20 15:48:21

Hoping someone can help! I'm a FTM to an almost 9 month old and have 'cried wolf' about her teething since she was 3 months old!

A few nights ago was the worst night ever - our usually happy, chilled baby was screaming, wouldn't sleep no matter what we did. Eventually cried to sleep in the car but that involved enduring hours of heartbreaking crying and unusual unhappiness!

She had all the symptoms leading up to this - dribbling, flushed cheeks, biting everything, bumpy gums - I saw some white stuff poking under the gum too. I thought - this is it!

DH has just said that she was like this a few months ago and wonders if it's actually sleep regression or possibly a combination of this and teething? She's not dribbling anymore, just really really irritable! And just wants to sleep all the time!!!

Any ideas? Don't want to keep giving her medicine/bonjela etc if it's not teething!

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