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concerned about 3 and a half year old

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jobekal Mon 01-Oct-07 13:23:23

my daughter still struggles to put three words together and lots of her words are very badly pronounced so other people don't ahve a clue what she is saying

she was referred to speech therapy dept ages ago but took ages for appt and have not got to be referred again as we have moved.

she understands well but just can't get to grips with talking, however i'm worried about other stuff and wondering if rather than just delayed sppech, she might have some learning disability (don't know if speech probs are classed as learning disability).

she also took ages to potty train, i know some are later than others but as its also in conjunction with dealyed speech, wonder if this is cause for concern.she is just about trained during the day now and thats from copying her younger sibling

she has tantrums like her 2 year old sister does, bt probably worse than her. she will ask for a banana for example, then throw it on the floor, esp if you give her one rather than handing her the bunch to break her own off, she will throw herself on the floor if you give her a blue cup instead of a pink one, she gets frustrated if she tries to do something like her zip or buttons and cant manage it straight away

she is very clingy too, she often shies away from others, its hard to leave her with anyone else, she has started nursery so hope this will help

Sunshine78 Mon 01-Oct-07 16:28:32

Dont know much about speech/learning difficulties but as for tantrums! My 3 year old has amazing ones just like the ones you describe if its not done exactly the way he wants it forget it. I think its just part of growing up and frustration at not been able to communicate emotions/wishes. If you are worried try pestering GP/HV for a referal - its the only way I'm afraid even if they end up saying all is well.

chocolatemummy Mon 01-Oct-07 16:32:48

a lot of what you describe is perfectly normal for a 3.5 year old.
tantrums, fussy about everything and wanting to do everything themselves.
the speach does seem a little delayed but if she understands everything well then there is no cognitive problem there and it might change dramatically if she has just started nursery. but definately get another speek therapy referral because its worth getting her checked out anyway.

TotalChaos Mon 01-Oct-07 21:42:49

It's a good sign that she understands well, but try and get her referred again for speech therapy. And also get her hearing checked out just in case a problem with that might be hampering her speech. You may be able to refer her yourself to SALT department, procedures vary from area to area.

Discuss your concerns with nursery - they may be able to advise - also GPs/HVs may take you more seriously if you say nursery agree she should be referred.

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