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His First Word

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GetTheSprinkles Wed 29-Jul-20 22:21:59

FTM and the journey hasn't quite been what I was expecting.
From an emegency c section and a baby who wouldn't sleep, to severe eczema and multiple food allergies... it has been a challenge.
Today, however, my son looked at me and smiled and said his first word. It was absolutely magical and I will never forget that moment. He seemed so proud and like he has been secretly practising forever!

For those interested, he looked at the stars on my dressing gown and, when I asked then what they were, said 'stars!' I didn't believe it so asked him to say it again, and he did.

Life is good smile

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NewMum293 Thu 30-Jul-20 13:43:54

Ah lovely! Congratulations! 😊

GetTheSprinkles Thu 30-Jul-20 17:47:34

Thank you!

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