Is my 2 week old baby sleeping too much?

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Jane0506qz Tue 28-Jul-20 21:06:54

Hi everyone,

My baby girl is 16 days old and I’m just wondering how much she should be sleeping and what her awake periods should be like. She seems to be awake for one long period at a time in the day- today for example she was awake for four hours from 10-2 and then fell asleep after feeding and has been waking for feeds every 2-3 hours from there. But other than waking for feeds she has been constantly asleep. Sometimes she may wake up randomly for the remainder of the day for around 15 minutes but she then will be straight back to sleep after feeding. More than likely she has another 2 hours or so awake later in the Evening. So she is perhaps properly awake for around 6 hours a day. Then from 10pm- ish until 10am the next day she is in and out of sleeps- so just waking for feeds. Does this sound normal or is it concerning at all? Everyone all comments on how good she is because she sleeps so well, but it makes me worry!

She was slightly jaundice at birth but this has gone now. She feeds really well and is waking herself up for feeds. She gained weight in the first week and usually has around 10 wet nappies a day if this makes any difference.

Appreciate any advice smile

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ZooKeeper19 Tue 28-Jul-20 22:16:43

She eats well and sleeps well? That's a golden baby! She is OK, newborns should sleep anything between 16-20 hours a day (my brother slept for 11 hours straight till he was about 3 months...).

labyrinthloafer Tue 28-Jul-20 22:18:56

Hello, congrats on your new baby smile.

This website says anything from 8 to 18 hours sleep for newborns!

I think if your baby is eating a lot, growing, peeing and seems lively when they are awake that's all good stuff - but if you are worried just ask your HV or doctor because you're allowed to be worried about a baby!

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