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2 yr old biting and laughing

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whattodoandhow Tue 28-Jul-20 19:53:55

So my 2yr old DS attends nursery three days a week, he's been back since lockdown for three weeks now and in that time he's managed to bite the same child 3 times and push several other children. The latest biting incident happened today and I'm told the other child did nothing to provoke DS, he just came running up and bit him then laughed and continued laughing while the nursery staff tried to explain that it wasn't nice etc. I'm at a loss, he doesn't bite at home (but then there aren't any other children at home), he has been referred for speech therapy but in these cases it isn't that he is getting frustrated (which is a whole separate issue) but that he just keeps picking on this child. The nursery say that they are watching DS constantly but can't stop him all the time, and I honestly feel like they are blaming me. Since he doesn't do it at home I don't know what to do, is it normal for a 2yr to pick on another child and is the laughing about it normal?
I'm afraid if it carries on DS will get kicked out of nursery and I really need the childcare for work.
Any suggestions on how to deal with his behaviour would be good, as right now I feel like a terrible mum.

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