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CP2701 Sun 26-Jul-20 22:22:53

Hi there

I posted previously about my little girl. She was about 15 months at the time I think. She had very little understanding at the time and I was really worried. We also did not have a lot of gesturing etc. I thought I would provide an update and see what others think now. We stopped all screen time and just got down on her level and played, played and played some more.

Her understanding has massively improved. She can now follow simple instructions like 'go get your shoes' and 'give the ball to mummy'. She can pick out various toy animals from a huge pile of them. If I tell her to go get a certain book, she will go to the library and look for the correct one and bring it to me.

She has only just begun to point. Only distal pointing at the moment, if something interests her, she points to it. She doesn't really point to ask for things but she is very self sufficient and just tries to climb things and get things for herself. She's terrible for it! I wish she would ask more but she doesn't. Sometimes, if something is out of reach, she will whinge but look at me and then look at the item. She uses her eyes more than her hand to tell me what she wants, if that makes sense.

She still doesn't say a whole lot of words. She can make animal noises for cow, dog duck and pig. She can also say 'hiya, mum, dad' and 'issss' which I think means what's this? She has inconsistently said words such as 'bus, cat, dog (gog) but doesn't use them all the time. She knows what all these things are though, she can point to them in stories.

She has started to pretend play, she pretend feeds her toys and gives them drinks etc. She also pretend feeds me! She loves playing with her shopping trolley.

She has begun to join in with actions for songs although she is inconsistent. Sometimes she does all the actions for wheels on the bus and other times she just dances!

She still does not wave at all. But she high fives and blows kisses.

She's shown such huge improvement but I suppose I just want to know if I would still be worried? I still intend on playing with her and taking her to groups again when I can etc. I look forward to enjoying her more instead of constantly worrying about her speech or lack thereof.

She's so switched on, her motor skills are great and she's learning new things each day. I wouldn't have believed that she would come on this much in such a short space of time and I hope this encourages other parents in the same situation.

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AladdinMum Tue 28-Jul-20 00:20:16

What a great update, it sounds like she is doing great. At her age three months would have been an enormous amount of time from a development point of view, nearly 20% of her whole life - it makes you wonder what she will be doing in the next three months!

At 18M only 8 words are expected and that includes animal sounds or any other consistent sounds so she seems to be on track with that, and for pointing, pointing to share is far more important than pointing to request but it sounds like she will be doing that too very soon. I would not worry about waving, it's a learnt skill and one of the least important ones. Nothing changes, keep doing what you have been doing, and tracking her progress every few months through the ASQ sheets. As parents it's natural for us to worry, it's what we do, I don't think that would ever change smile

FreyaM Wed 29-Jul-20 15:05:02

This is so fantastic and really encouraging, thanks for sharing! It goes to show how quickly things can change. You must have done some brilliant language modelling to build her vocabulary. The stories sound great.
For anyone else in the same situation, I'm a Speech Language Therapist and run a parenting blog.
I have a post on simple strategies parents can do in everyday life to boost language that others might find helpful.
I'm a new blog so massively appreciate any comments/ shares and feedback.
Thank you!!

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