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7 month old trying to walk?!

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Shaunieh95 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:29:18

Hi all

So my 7 month old has been pulling himself up and walking along the sofa for a good few weeks now.

Although, he keeps just letting go and attempting to set off which results in him falling and on many occasions me not being able to catch him in time.

I try keep him from standing however the minute you put him back on the floor he's back pulling himself up.

I've never seen a baby so young do this? My older son didn't pull himself up until almost 10 months and didn't start walking until 14 month.

What should i do? I don't know whether to encourage his walking as I believe he is still too young, or to just persevere with constantly putting him back on the floor every 2 minutes.

He has been crawling since around 6 months.

Thanks in advance xx

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LouiseTrees Wed 22-Jul-20 16:07:53

Following as want to know the answer for an 8 month old.

wintertravel1980 Wed 22-Jul-20 16:26:31

According to WHO, 1% of babies walk before they turn 8.2 months. 3% of babies walk before they are 9 months:

It is quite possible that you have got a very early walker. Congratulations -- it is hard work but is also super cute!

Witchend Wed 22-Jul-20 18:58:30

Children develop at different rates. DD1 crawled at 9 months, walked at 14months. DD2 crawled at 5 months, walked at 8 months.

From that experience, I would put slippery socks on your ds and discourage walking as much as possible grin

Seriously dd2 was a total nightmare. A week after she learnt to walk, she decided to climb on the sofa and balance along the back-that's the back of the back rest. One of her first phrases was "am being careful" as I said "be careful" so often. She had no common sense where she moved, whereas dd1 thought, and only moved when it was safe. I could apply that still to them as teens though...

Amanduh Wed 22-Jul-20 19:19:49

My ds did this. He walked at nine months. My friends dd did it the same sort of time but didnt walk until 14 months. Up to you really but when they want to walk they will!

Max1140 Thu 23-Jul-20 20:57:07

Yeah, it’s no problem if they want to walk already. They might get a bit frustrated but it’ll soon pass when they do manage those first steps. smile

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