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Feet turning in when walking, aged 2 - normal?

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NotAlert Sat 29-Sep-07 20:57:58

DS was 2 in August. He's very mobile, runs/jumps around etc, but we've noticed that his feet turn in a little when he walks/runs - 1 foot is more noticeable than the other. He does fall over a lot, but it's never been raised as a concern by the nursery he attends 2.5 days a week when I work. It's most noticeable when he's wearing wellies. DH and I don't know how concerned we should be; any ideas?

beautifulgirls Sat 29-Sep-07 21:06:57

I've just been looking this up this week re DD#1 who is just 3yrs now as she does the same. The general advice as far as I can see is that this can be normal, and they usually grow out of it by 7-8yr old. I don't intend to do anything further right now after what I have read.

NotAlert Sat 29-Sep-07 21:20:15

Rightyho, thanks for that. I really veer between thinking, 'Oh he's fine, look at him sprinting along there to grab the ball his sister wants' and 'Oh heck, he's always falling over'!!!!!
Guess it's a bit of a 'time will tell' then.

Skribble Sat 29-Sep-07 21:29:33

I would raise concens with your doctor. I had this problem when I was younger, but it was the seventies and instead of getting the built up shoes they did inthe 60's I got nothing. It meant my mum had to put my shoes into the menders every friday after school.

The only reason I walk with my feet straight was through my mum nagging me to straighten up all the time, I still have to remember to turn my feet out when I am standing.

LittlePoopsy Sat 29-Sep-07 21:29:34

My little bro who's 2.5 had an outward turning foot when he walked (was at aright angle to his leg), we corrected it with Startright shoes as they give excellent support which is maybe why it's worse for your ds when wearing wellies as they give little suppport...also worked for a friend who's ds had a similar prob.

Skribble Sat 29-Sep-07 21:34:20

I would agree that in most cases really good supportive shoes will do the job. I grew up in startrights.

Look for shoes with a solid back and a broad sole at the heel. The broad sole keeps the foot flatter and doesn't tip over as easily.

NotAlert Sat 29-Sep-07 21:40:05

Oooo, thanks for responses - ironically, we had abandoned Startrite shoes for DS due to him being incorrectly fitted earlier this summer, which put us off a little (10 days after we bought them he cried if he took the shoes near him!!!!!)
Right. So perhaps we do need to be a little more proactive, strictly in a calm and orderly manner without panic grin

LittlePoopsy Sat 29-Sep-07 21:53:03

Do you have a john lewis near you? Find them really good at fitting shoes and they usually have a good selection as startright arent the most attractive of shoes! And there's always the toy department for that all important bribe if neccesary!

NormaStanleyFletcher Sat 29-Sep-07 22:00:20

My DS had talipes (club foot) and I spent quite alot of time with his physio, chatting. She said that loads of kids have twisted thighs (as my son did on top of the talipes) and that the vast majority grow out of. It may be that. She said that loads of people got referred but the majority had grown out of it before they got to them (long waiting list!!!!!)

She did watch me sitting on the floor and commented that the position I was in made the condition worse. I was sitting as if kneeling but with my calves bent back each side of me instead of underneath me (does that make sense)

Acinonyx Sun 30-Sep-07 17:16:51

Skribble - I remember my 'walking lessons' well from childhood. And Norma - I still sit like that and people always think it's funny.

Dd, 26 mo, has my walk and as it runs in the family I won't be surprised if she doesn't grow out of it.

Are Startrite better than Clarkes? And does anyone know what age you should get built up shoes ie stop thinking they will grow out of it?

LIZS Sun 30-Sep-07 17:30:02

dd was like that. She was reviewed at 4 (by which time we had been told the majority self correct) by an Orthopaedic consultant as she was tripping at school but was found to be within the tolerance before any treatment recommended (something like 15o) with no obvious physical cause in either hip or foot. 18 months later it is less pronounced still but if she wears less supportive footwear like wellies it is still apparent and runs. She has been doing ballet for the past year partly to exercise it. There is a particular style of Startrite school shoe which we've more supportive than others, fitted ankle boots are good too. Mention it whenever you next see gp or hv but don't be surprised if thery suggest waiting until he has been walking a lot longer before referring.

christywhisty Sun 30-Sep-07 17:48:31

My DD was born with positional talipes with her feet bent inwards. We were told for her to wear good fitting ankle boots as much as possible when she was little.

NotAlert Tue 02-Oct-07 00:46:52

Thank you all for your replies.
Will mention this issue to HV, I think.

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