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4 year old boy

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GotGameByThePound Mon 20-Jul-20 09:27:06

I'm not sure this is the right place but I'm hoping for some insight.

My four year old son is hard bloody work, quite frankly. He's full of energy. He gets very excited. He doesn't always listen. He often won't do what he's told (i.e if I send him to his bedroom he will just refuse).

But, nursery always say he's well behaved. He will sit and watch a film quietly. He's lovely, in that he shares (he's currently an only child), he's very caring, he's extremely clever and funny.

I didn't think there was anything "wrong" with him, I thought four years were just hard work, but a mum of a boy the same age commented that my son is "so full of energy" and now I'm worried this isn't normal.

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GotGameByThePound Mon 20-Jul-20 12:37:18

Hopeful bump 🙏🏻

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tempnamechange98765 Mon 20-Jul-20 15:00:14

What you've described definitely applies to my 4 year old a lot of the time!

GenericUsername101 Tue 21-Jul-20 11:30:39

I don't think it sounds like there's anything wrong with him at all, kids are so different in their temperaments. I'd not be surprised if I've said the same thing to other Mums as my 3 1/2 year old is very placid. Both ends of the spectrum have pros and cons though!

GotGameByThePound Tue 21-Jul-20 12:22:00

He used to be placid. Oh, how I miss those days.

It's like he woke up at 3 and turned into a monster 🤣

Thank you for the reassurance.

Now, any advice on how to manage his behaviour?!

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Overmylimit Sun 26-Jul-20 22:01:19

My DD is 4 and exactly the same, she doesn't listen to a word I say and has regular meltdowns, even more so now we've started to go out a bit more again! I don't think there is such a thing as an 'easy' child but I do know people who's children seem more chilled, but I'm sure they have their own set of problems to deal with too!

No advice I'm afraid, but solidarity smile

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