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4 year old speech answering yes and no

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Bubsoneandtwo Sun 19-Jul-20 11:45:09

Just wanting some advice on speech
My nearly four year old understands everything and responds to all questions asks questions and has a massive vocabulary can count to 100 and knows colours etc abcs. The issue I have when I ask her a question ie do you want more. She responds with ‘more’ as opposed to yes or no. We constantly have to prompt her to say yes or no to any question really maybe I’m wording things wrong but have any of you any advice to get the conversation more normal? Worried about her starting school and her still doing this

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FortunesFave Sun 19-Jul-20 12:03:33

So if you say something like "Do you want me to read this book?" would she say "Book." ?

Or would she say "Yes"? or "no"

What I'd do, is play some games with her.

Call it "The do you like game" or something. Tell her you're going to play a game...ask questions like "Do you like unicorns?" and tell her she has to answer YES with a big thumbs up and a nodding head if she does like the thing you're asking about. And if it's a thing she DOESN'T like, then she has to say NO and do a thumbs down and a big shake of the head.

When you play it, at first, give her a big list of things you know she as not to confuse her.

Then move on to things you know she doesn't and do a lot of those.

Tell her "If it's a thing you REALLY like then the YES has to be loud!" and the "No has to be loud if you REALLY don't like it"

That will make it more fun.

Do this and the physical actions and fun might help her to get used to it a bit more.

In day to day life, try prompting her... like this "Do you want salt on your eggs Mary? Yes or no?"

Bubsoneandtwo Sun 19-Jul-20 13:05:47

Thanks so much this sounds like it will probably work for us!

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FortunesFave Sun 19-Jul-20 13:46:56

You can complicate it a bit when she's used to this

"Do you like lolly ices?"


"Do you like them a lot?


"Do you want one?"


But make sure it's something you've actually got to give her!

Bubsoneandtwo Sun 19-Jul-20 14:15:18

Haha I will yes! We’ve been trying this since your message and so far so good..sometimes you just need some new ideas and this has really helped thanks!

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FortunesFave Sun 19-Jul-20 14:16:26

No worries! I'm not someone who knows about speech therapy but I am a drama teacher. Silly word games are a specialty grin I'm sure it's just one of those little odd things...they all take their time with some aspects of speech.

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