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DS age 7 and speech fluency

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MyKingdomForAClothesHorse Sat 18-Jul-20 14:13:39

Thank you SeaToSki , that's so helpful. We will definitely give that a go.

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SeaToSki Fri 17-Jul-20 20:13:07

He will grown into himself. Dont worry too much

If you want to do something, play games where you give him a topic and he has to say 3 sentences about it and you are going to time him. He can keep a record of his times and try and beat personal goals. It will focus him on learning to speak rapidly at times.
Then have a chat about how at school or with friends he needs to talk a bit more like the game than normal ‘family’ chatting

But please let him keep doing his rambly chats with you, its a special thing to have a child who enjoys their word power. Maybe choose a cool new word for the day at breakfast and try and fit it into a sentence at some point during the day

MyKingdomForAClothesHorse Fri 17-Jul-20 16:55:52

Hope someone can help. DS age 7 was always very articulate from an early age, and seemed to enjoy trying out fancy vocabulary, to the point that it was funny / slightly embarrassing. But not really out of the ordinary and he got on fine at school. However in more recent times he seems to dawdle / hesitate over his speech, so it takes ages to get out a sentence. I don't think it's a stammer though I may be wrong. It seems more that he loses attention halfway through a sentence and will keep everyone on hold while he identifies an unnecessarily complicated word, rather than speaking fluently in simple "child" language.

He's an only child so is used to us waiting patiently while he meanders through a sentence, but I've noticed that other children get impatient and interrupt him. I wonder if we are making it worse by indulging him with endless time and patience to finish his rambly sentences.

Anyone else had this, or got any advice? He has no other health / emotional issues or SEN. Thanks in advance.

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