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Should I force 5 year old to have a bedtime story?

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Seasiderabbit Wed 15-Jul-20 18:59:14

5 year old not interested in a bedtime story. She used to love bedtime stories and then one day asked if we could play a game "instead of a story." I said yes (big mistake!), and now every night she wants to do something else with me "instead of a story", e.g draw a picture or play a game. We do it together and it's special time, but I think reading at bedtime is good for children.

If I suggest we do both, when it comes to the story, she says she wants to do something else instead!

Should I let it go and follow her interests? Or try to get her interested in a bedtime story again?

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FatherBrownsBicycle Wed 15-Jul-20 20:15:02

So she is declining a story to get extra play time?
Could you suggest the something else earlier then, when she goes up, say as an extra treat you will read as well to get her re interested in a story?

Seasiderabbit Wed 15-Jul-20 22:26:37

Oooh, nice idea saying an extra treat, thank you! I like that. I will try it. I think if I big up the story as an extra that will work.

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