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Getting my wee one 2 sleep ... what works?

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Nikna Thu 27-Sep-07 22:48:43

Hi, my 5 month old has started screaming every night at bedtime. He naps well during the day, and will fall asleep on his own, but at night he prefers to fall asleep on the breast and if he doesn't he cries, and cries once in his cot. We have tried pacing around the house, which would mean he would fall to sleep out of exhaustion after midnight. I have tried going back in every 5 minutes to comfort him, but the trouble is, he won't stop crying even with cuddles, nursery rhymes, hand-holding. Does anyone have any other suggestions - help!

Bubb Fri 28-Sep-07 14:56:17

I found The Baby Whisperer by Tracey Hogg brilliant. She used to be a nurse and has loads of good methods to try that my daughter responded to straight away. (Got her sleeping through at 3 mo & going to sleep on her own in her cot without problems). You can find it on Amazon etc. There is also a website you might like to take a look at.
Good luck & hope it works for you.

insywinsyspider Sat 29-Sep-07 19:16:16

and a second post to say we did baby whisperer too, ds slept 7-7 from 8 wks but only fell asleep on us so at 12 wks we did some of her methods and he's great (now 16mo and we just put him in cot and leave him)

I'd strongly recommend the book - see if any of the mums you know have a copy you can borrow - good luck x

Nikna Mon 01-Oct-07 07:50:06

hi, thanks, i will check the book out as have heard lots about it. He seems to be getting used to going to bed now though, and is going to sleep fairly quickly. fingers crossed

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