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21 month old has great vocabulary but terrible pronunciation. Is this normal?

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Jannt86 Mon 06-Jul-20 19:14:28

My 27MO still doesn't say things very clearly tbh and your examples are typical of most of her vocabulary. However she has talked sentences for months and is really starting to become clearer. I think at 21MO if your LO as good understanding and a wide range of vocabulary especially if talking in simple sentences and using a good range of words (ie adjectives and verbs as well as nouns) then she's doing amazing tbh. I am not planning to worry about my LO's pronunciation until nearer 3 at which point I think the advice is that generally a stranger should be able to understand the majority of what they say. A lot can happen in a small space of time though. Mine has just suddenly started saying words that she previously said very badly much clearer. I'm sure your's will too but just keep an eye on it.

Toddlerparents Mon 06-Jul-20 18:37:49

Her 21 month old has a great vocabulary but her pronunciation is terrible. Is this normal?

My 21 month old daughter can say hundreds of words. You can point at almost any object inside or outside the house and she will tell you what it is, but she struggles to pronounce things correctly. Some easy words she can pronounce very well, but a lot of the time she will just use the end of the word or use the wrong sounds. Some examples:

Apple = papple

Pink = ink

Drink = ink

Pram = am

Cat = at

Doggy = goggy

Blueberries = ees

Strawberries = ees

Yoghurt = giggit

Bike = ike

Light = ite

Come on = momon

We understand most of what she says because we have learned what she means by her words, but sometimes she gets frustrated when you don’t understand what she’s asking for, as a lot of words sound the same.

“ees” sometimes means blueberries, sometimes strawberries, sometimes raspberries and you don’t know which one she wants until you show her. Others you can tell from context, e.g if she’s pointing at a pink object then “ink” means pink, otherwise she’s asking for a drink.

Should I be worried? Or is this normal and something she will grow out of as she develops? Could it be that she isn’t hearing correctly so she thinks she is pronouncing things the right way?

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