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7 week old alert but won't play/interact?

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MarshmallowsOnToast Mon 06-Jul-20 12:36:40

Up until this point it has been an endless cycle of feeding, burping, changing, rocking to sleep then repeat. As expected with newborns. It's hard work but at least I know where I'm at.

But now DS seems to have periods between feeding & sleeping where he isn't hungry or tired & seems quite alert. However, he doesn't like to play with toys/play mat for more than 2 minutes.

Won't just chill in his swing unless asleep. He also doesn't seem to like be held without food being involved. If I try to cradle him or sit him on my knee he will squirm & wriggle then cry.

The only thing that usually keeps him from crying for more than 2 minutes is being held whilst I'm stood up moving from side to side. However DS is a big baby & he's very heavy so it really takes its toll on my arms!

So I'm really stuck with what to do with him in these "inbetween" periods. Am I doing enough as I just feel at moment i'm constantly either trying to chuck food in him or trying to get him to sleep because there is no alternative.

If he isn't asleep when dinner is cooked we literally cannot eat together as he wont sit without crying or be distracted for 5 minutes.

I would love to be able to stick him on a fluffy blanket on the floor for him to look around & perhaps play with some jangly toys like I see other babies on TV do but he will not go for longer than 2 minutes without crying.

Maybe I'm expecting too much for 7 weeks but he seems to have come on in the last few weeks & need more now??

Any ideas/advice please?


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SeaToSki Mon 06-Jul-20 13:04:56

Do you have a bouncy seat? Mine would go in that for half an hour and i could switch it on to jiggle him gently or bounce more vigorously with my toe.

MarshmallowsOnToast Mon 06-Jul-20 13:29:07


Thanks for your reply.

Not got a bouncy chair but have got an electric vibrating swing. He does like it to fall asleep in but won't really just chill out & swing in it when not tired. He gets frustrated & starts waving his arms around, hitting himself in the face (common occurrence) then cries. 😖

MIL has a manual bouncy chair that they keep at their house for when he can go & stay so might ask to borrow it to see if he likes it before buying one.

Worth a go.

Thanks again

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SeaToSki Mon 06-Jul-20 14:01:34

Another option is to prop him up under a play arch, I would sometimes put mine in the car seat and put that under the arch. Some babies really dont like being flat on their backs.

You can also let him whinge a bit to see if he settles on his own. Not a proper cry, but fussy is ok to ignore for a bit

Snowpaw Mon 06-Jul-20 21:44:08

I think you’re possibly expecting a bit too much at 7 weeks. I found the first three months of my daughters life to be really intense. Everything you are describing sounds quite normal at that age. It really got me down not being able to eat together in the evenings - there was always one of us juggling the baby. It’s just about doing what you can to get through it. Things became a lot easier though around three months and they become more occupied and interested in things. Hang in there.

Wherethereshope Mon 06-Jul-20 22:42:46

I remember feeling like this.. A few ideas..
- walk abound the garden with DS in your arms, talk about what you see/ notice
- black and white is great for babies of this age as they can focus on it. Put baby wherever he is most comfy.. then show some pics, see if you can see his eyes following them. Just draw a few pics on white paper of dots, swirl, lines - quite bold and clear.
- sing nursery rhymes
- carry him around the house, show him different things
- if you have a gym ball, put him against it as though he's standing then roll the ball towards you so his tummy moves onto the ball.. great for tummy time in more upright position.

MarshmallowsOnToast Tue 07-Jul-20 08:15:16

Just want to say thank you for your replies.

Some great ideas to try & also nice to know others have been in the same situation.

I have a black & white book which I will persevere with.

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