does anyone else have a WILD 1 year old

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misslollydolly Sun 05-Jul-20 08:25:00

My one year old has never been the chilled type. He wants to be everywhere & is so independent. Basically will not keep still. But recently he is WILD! In the morning he won't sit and play or watch peppa pig in our bed, he is pulling my hair, hitting me, throwing things, jumping on me & it sounds silly but sometimes he really hurts me and makes me cry or lose my temper. The other babies in my family just seem so docile compared to him & family members actually comment on how out of control he is which makes me think it's not normal. I remember saying to my aunt, I think it's a boy thing to which she replied, my son never did things like this. 🙄 luckily he's my first so I don't know much different but does anyone else have this with their 1 year old?

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Newbiehere123 Sun 05-Jul-20 11:28:54

I have a 15 month old DS exactly the same as you have described. He has always been so active since he was born. I have 2 friends who gave birth 2 weeks before me and 2 days after me to baby boys and both babies were always quiet and content, whereas mine was always alert and active. He has never been the type to lie in his buggy or occupy himself with a toy. I remember when my friends little boys would sit still on their laps for over an hour in Costa and I would have to hold mine, walk around and breastfeed him constantly to keep him happy while my coffee went cold.

I have researched to see why my little boy is so needy and active and it turns out he is high needs. I'm currently monitoring him closely as he still isn't pointing but he is sharing interest though and also he started to walk 7 weeks ago so I'm assuming he is too busy exploring. DS gets bored very easily and at the moment teething so obviously expresses his frustration through biting me, throwing toys, throwing random tantrums, screaming and crying.

misslollydolly Tue 07-Jul-20 07:26:02

@Newbiehere123 what do you mean by high needs if you don't mind me asking! I wonder if my boy is the same. He is actually 1 in 2 weeks and he's already starting to walk. His development is great ie he crawled, talked early etc. X

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Newbiehere123 Tue 07-Jul-20 09:19:23

@misslollydolly have a quick look at this link below and see if it fits with your DS. All 12 points fit my DS 😅

misslollydolly Tue 07-Jul-20 10:26:22

@Newbiehere123 I'd say he has some but not all. He is clingy but hates being held for a long time, he's very independent, climbs everywhere, very clever for his age (he points to correct animals in books & will go and get a pacific book if I ask him to for example), he doesn't over feed, naps well, doesn't like sleeping alone at night, has recently started throwing, hitting but I think it's just that he's learned how to do it. (Hopefully a phase) He's happiest in the bath or when other children are around.

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Newbiehere123 Tue 07-Jul-20 11:12:26

@misslollydolly my DS doesn't like being held either unless you are carrying him where he rests his head on my chest and walking around but never on my lap. He loves holding my boob. He will play around and come to me and take a few sips and squeezes them lol. He climbs out my arms when I try holding him if I'm sitting down or cuddling him though and sometimes nappy changing is a nightmare as he doesn't like being restrained at all. DS is also very independent. Your lo sounds very clever, mine still can't point and won't point at animals or anything. He is more interested in being destructive 😅 I think they enjoy being destructive throwing to see the reaction

toooooomuchwine Sun 12-Jul-20 10:38:43

@Newbiehere123 you have hit the nail on the head lol. He's very destructive! He also hates nappy changes & will run off mid change often leading to a mess on my floor 🙈 some days he is so happy, funny & loveable and other days he is MENTAL! 🤣 but he is very clever for his age & I am very proud of him.

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