Unsettled LO since starting at childcare

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Mummysarah12 Wed 01-Jul-20 15:05:01

hello mums. My LO is 15 months & I went back to work about 6 weeks ago. Initially he seemed to settle well with his new childcare arrangements- mix of family & a childminder. But the last couple of weeks, he has been playing up a lot - nap refusal, Bedtime fights, tantrums, refusing point blank to go in the pram which makes going anywhere hard.

I’m presuming this change in behaviour is a result of me going back to work but I am finding it so so draining. he is skipping naps pretty much every day now, he won’t settle in the cot & I used to always be able to nap him in the pram if the cot failed but now he won’t go in the pram - just screams & screams. I am worried the lack of naps will have an effect on his cognitive development.
Also in general i am just worried by his behaviour at the moment. Is this normal? Can anyone share any experiences with me? Thank you so much 😊

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Jannt86 Wed 01-Jul-20 16:34:52

I think it is quite a standard reaction to the change tbh. Have you tried cuddling him to sleep or a sling? He might just need that extra closeness whilst he's getting used to the change. If it's a combination of childcare arrangements could it be some anxiety around not quite understanding the schedule yet and things as well. He's very young and his language will be limited but could you maybe print some pics of the relatives looking after him, yourselves and his nursery and show him the picture before you set off (maybe once the night before and once just before you go in the morning) keep reminding him that you'll always come back for him and love him very much. It likely is just a reaction to what's going on but does he seem especially unsettled on days that/just after he's been with a particular carer? If so could it be an issue with that childcare in particular. All kids are different and some will always take time to settle and anxious away from their parents. However I will say that the first place I took my LG she was miserable as sin and I quickly started to realise that they weren't as good as I thought and went with my intuition and moved her. Literally a few days in a new nursery and she went from crying because she didn't want us to leave her to crying because she didn't want to leave. Go with your instincts and if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't so look elsewhere I'd say. Good luck. It'll take time. Just give him lots of love and reassurance and things will settle. He's unlikely to do himself any major long term damage not napping BTW and you can't force him. Just do whatever is needed (from the mummy who spent weeks driving her kid out in the car because that was all that worked) and if he really won't go then just sit in a dark room with him and have cuddles and some relaxing music and the TV if absolutely necessary for an hour or so. Xx

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