Extra crease on one thigh

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PhillyMom14 Tue 30-Jun-20 14:58:31

My dd is 6 months old and I noticed an extra crease on her right thigh. Dr.’s are driving us crazy. We’re going to an orthopedic soon. Plus they recommended an abdominal ultrasound. Anyone has experienced this? Please advise. Please share your experience if your child has something similar. Help is highly appreciated.

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ZooKeeper19 Thu 02-Jul-20 09:18:48

My LO (8m) has this and I never considered this an issue, never consulted a doctor about it. He's in muslins/terries since birth and moving/crawling/walking as expected so I'm ignoring this for now. They checked his hips at birth and all was well, so that's it. Can inbox you a pic if you are too worried.

PhillyMom14 Thu 02-Jul-20 13:21:29

Thank you so much!! I am now little relax hearing this from you. We’re meeting with a Pedia Ortho next week. Other reports were normal. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

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Rosehassometoes Sun 05-Jul-20 18:12:45

Think it can be a sign of hip dysplasia. I know two children treated for this, no issues now.

starfishy Sun 05-Jul-20 20:06:51

I didn't know this could be an issue but our daughter had an extra crease and she has had no issues, now walking at 12 months.

PhillyMom14 Tue 07-Jul-20 17:19:34

Thank you! I will let you know tomorrow after the Pedia Ortho Meeting. Please keep praying.

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starfishy Thu 09-Jul-20 07:24:39

@PhillyMom14 how did the appointment go?

PhillyMom14 Thu 09-Jul-20 09:22:27

The appointment went well. Bo issue with hip but they will monitor and we may go back after 5 years to do the same check up. Thank you all for the prayers!!

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PhillyMom14 Thu 09-Jul-20 09:22:52

I mean No issue

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starfishy Fri 10-Jul-20 08:59:17

Good to hear x

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