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13 month old not crawling or bearing weight

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Olivia333 Thu 25-Jun-20 18:13:43

My DS is 13 months old and he is unable to crawl and he won’t bear any weight on his legs. He can roll over but doesn’t do it very much, mostly only in his cot.

He appears to be focusing on his fine motor skills, he can put shapes in the shape holes now and he points, waves, claps and copies actions from songs. He also says a few words so that all seems normal.

He did hate tummy time as a baby so maybe that has contributed and I probably didn’t put him on his tummy enough because of this, however he is always on his tummy now and he has been for the last 5 months but he’s made very little progress. He can go round in circles on his tummy and if we hold his feet he will push off to get to something. But most of the time he just doesn’t seem bothered about getting anywhere! I put toys out of his reach and he will stretch as much as he can and then he just gives up!
Health Visitor said not to worry for another few months.

Just wondered if anyone else has any experience? I’m trying really hard not to worry or compare him to other babies his age but it’s getting harder and harder!

Thank you

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ZooKeeper19 Thu 25-Jun-20 22:36:34

@Olivia333 is he lifting his upper body on his arms or only to his elbows? I personally would be a little unsettled by this.

Have you tried contacting any baby physio, even look at physio online, see what they say/recommend about this.

It may be absolutely nothing, but better check just to have peace of mind.

pilates Thu 25-Jun-20 22:47:01

If you’re worried ask your GP to refer your DS to a paediatric Doctor.

Olivia333 Fri 26-Jun-20 02:26:17

Yes he does lift his upper body onto his arms, I have looked at lots of different you tube videos from baby physio therapists and I’m trying to help him by getting him into various positions but nothing seems to be working.

I will try the gp first and then contact a baby physio. I honestly thought one day he would just get it! I do think half the problem is that he just gives up trying too quickly. He doesn’t seem to really want to move!

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ZooKeeper19 Fri 26-Jun-20 08:04:29

@Olivia333 that is good, him lifting into the second position. I spoke to a physio about my son (unwilling/unable to roll back to front but once put on front crawling away) and she said I still need to teach him/help him to learn to roll (or to do the move required). She advised the following:

- no nappy no clothes (his belly touching the colder floor will encourage him to move)
- show him the move you want him to make (i.e. push his legs underneath his belly so he is on all 4)
- then leave him to it. He needs to get grumpy, frustrated, scream to have to really want to move away from the discomfort

Obv not to leave him for hours but she said 5 minutes, then change the game and leave him to rest and then again 5 mins etc. Once I showed him how to roll, he got it straight away. (and he's been unstoppable since so beware smile ).

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