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Separation anxiety?

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Nicedayforawedding Thu 25-Jun-20 07:12:39

Ds is in Year 1 and struggled to settle at school at first when he started in Reception. He suffered badly with separation anxiety.

Before the lockdown he had been happy at school although a bit ‘closed up’ - that’s the only way I could describe it - I didn’t have problems with him going to school though.

Now he’s waking in the night and crying during the day about going back to school. I think he knows lockdown is over and thinks he will have to go back to school. I’ve asked him what he doesn’t like about school but he says he just misses me the most. There was also a teacher who wasn’t particularly nice to the class too.

He’s had a few angry outbursts, tears and needs lots of my assurance. Is this separation anxiety in advance?

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