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I think something is seriously wrong with DS (15)

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MoJoBangles Sun 21-Jun-20 21:36:11

DS bathed the dog yesterday and she slept in his room last night. When I saw her this morning she had a huge patch on her head that was bleeding.

I asked DS what happened and he said he didn't know so I thought maybe she had scratched it. My mum came to get the dog as I'm working tomorrow and she needs to go to the vets and I've just had a text from her to say that the patch smells very strongly of lynx and youngest DS said he had seen DS 15 "threatening" before to spray the dog with lynx.

I confronted DS and asked if he had sprayed the dog. His answer was "with lynx?" so he clearly has sprayed her with it. He's still denying and saying he sprayed his room with lynx and that's why she smells but my mum said it's only that patch that smells.

What the fuck is wrong with DS? Why would he injure our dog like that? I feel so guilty for leaving him alone with her but at 15 I thought he would know not to do that. My poor little pooch. I'm so angry with DS, i never want to leave her alone with him again. How do I even begin to think of a punishment severe enough?

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MrsMcCarthysfamousScones Sun 21-Jun-20 22:37:35

Poor dog. Lynx won’t have caused the big bleeding patch though. I don’t know how you work out a punishment when you don’t know exactly what it is he’s done to her sad

MargeSimpsonswig Sun 21-Jun-20 23:40:27

@Mrs, it looks like it could be an aerosol burn

faelavie Mon 22-Jun-20 20:46:53

Has your DS ever done such a thing to an animal before, to your knowledge? Has anything happened recently to make your DS behave like that?
It might be worth trying to coax a confession out of him somehow but I'm not sure how you even begin. You don't want this to turn into a slippery slope of animal mistreatment though. Poor doggy.

MargeSimpsonswig Tue 23-Jun-20 11:00:36

Name change fail!

Not that I've noticed, he loves the dog and is always asking to have her. He can be pretty horrible to his brothers at times though. I've tried to get a confession and he's still adamant he didn't hurt her. Nothing going on other than he's missing his friends due to lockdown. He's angry at me for "accusing him" although from his response it is pretty obvious he's lying. She's such a sweet girl, she wouldn't hurt a fly ☹

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