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terrible twos

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Chloelois98 Fri 19-Jun-20 22:32:39

hey girls need some advice my son is 3 in August and i feel like the terrible twos are getting worse like he has a really bad attitude when something doesn't go his way , i feel like im suppose to be the child , iv tried to be calm and say 'no' and put him in time out but its really mentally draining for me with all thee things that i have going on with my mental health (ptsd) Jackson is my only child so this is my first time experiencing the peak point of the terrrible twos

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Rubyroost Fri 19-Jun-20 22:48:38

My 2.5 year old gets agitated regularly and now he has dropped his nap (he's not really ready) he gets more tired and arsey as the day goes on!! He has regular hissy fits, so I hear you. I don't have any good advice. Threats of timeout sometimes work, but I'm hoping he'll come through this phase. ⚾

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