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Worried about my 16 month olds behaviour

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Saae1 Wed 17-Jun-20 20:48:24

My 16 month old keeps doing this thing where she will lay on her back, cross her legs while holding her hands together and she will repeatedly hold her breath for a few seconds then stop then do it again. She must do it up to 10 times a day and I don’t know why she does it. I thought it was because she was tired but she does it after a nap and whenever she gets the chance to do it she will. I have seen Health Visitors and they have said she’s doing it for attention but I don’t think it is because she does it when I’m not even in the room. I just don’t know what to do about it now, I’m so worried!

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Stonebridge Thu 18-Jun-20 21:56:13

It sounds like a sensory regulation thing. She most likely enjoys the sensation because or likes it because it alerts her or calms her. Is she otherwise developing well?

Saae1 Fri 19-Jun-20 06:44:18

She isn’t walking on her own yet but she seems to be developing well with everything else. I’m just worried and feel like this isn’t normal behaviour

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